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Hi, my names Yvonne. To learn more, feel free to message me.

Current Project: Remembering You'- I'm typing the 8th chapter now... Also starting a Mass Effect/ Supernatural crossover!

Here are other places you can find me.

Myspace: /brokenpassions (Don't use it these days, but it is pretty.)

My gamertag: Zukarian25

My liveJournal: sorryicantstay

Tumblr: diesel-and-steak

Twitter: sorryIcantstay

My livevideo: deadlybutterfly (Although I haven't made a vid for quite some time.)

On youtube:

(My OTP's)

ZukoxKatara-Avatar: the Last Airbender. (My 1st OPT) I started watching the series when it first came out, and I could already tell Aang and Katara were going to end up together. Once Zuko entered, I pictured him and Katara and liked what I saw. As the show went on, my love for the two grew. These two really help change the other. There was just so much that could have happened it was a shame in how it all ended. Still it was great, and the creators threw us a bone with a few wonderful moments between the two.

StarscreamxAlexis-Transformers Armada. I never really saw the original Transformers. I grew up with Beast Wars, Dinobot was my favorite. When I saw Transformers Armada, I took quick interest in Starscream. Alexis was my favorite human and it made me happy that she wanted to help Starscream. I felt so bad for Alexis after she finds out what happened to him. I cried so hard during the episode 'Cramp', I refused to watch the rest of the series (till about a week and a half later). I don't care what others say, I believe there was more going on then just a close friendship. The orginal Japanese version suggest otherwise.

FemShepardxGarrus-Mass Effect. Garrus was the only reason I started to play Mass Effect, after seeing him in the trailer. I was so happy when he joined my crew. I found out that you could romance some of your crew mates and was disappointed when he wasn't one of them. He really completed my personal Shepard (Who is named after Alexis from Transformers Armada). I didn't want the options I had, so I never romanced anyone (I wasn't the only one). Thank God that the creators in Mass Effect 2 answered our prays. No matter how awkward it was, the romance was still cute. I only hope they decide to continue the romance in the third game.

Favorite Slash Pairings!

1. Alfred(America)xArthur(England)- Axis Powers Hetalia. I didn't know about Hetalia until I came across this pairing in the Ship_Manifesto on Live Journal. I loved the idea, so I went to check it out and I'm now totally in love with the series. There's just so much potential between these two.

2. DeanxCastiel- Supernatural. I hadn't even started watching the show until everyone suggested I it. Then I fell in love. Especially with the these two. I mean Dean was pulled out of hell by this guy! (Also Sam is pretty awesome too).

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