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EMAIL ADDRESS (for guest reviewers [or anyone else] who would like to contact me): JENNAASAZURE129@

Hello, my name is Azure129 (aka Jenna)! Let's see; I'm a recent college grad looking forward to applying to start grad work in English Lit pretty soon who loves reading and writing (obviously, that's why I'm here, lol). My other hobbies include a love of animation, especially cartoons and Anime, so I pretty much only write fanfics in those categories. I've got a couple of stories up in the Hey Arnold! forum, since that's my favorite cartoon of all time (as many people will tell you ;) ). I also have some fanvids for HA! up on youtube, and I'm hoping to post some of them on Veoh if I ever get around to it. Pretty much, if you see the name Azure129 anywhere online, that's gonna be me, so say Hi if you see me floating around anywhere :) Okay, I think that's about it! Thanks for looking at my profile and happy reading!

Yeah, my profile's said what's above for like EVER so I'm going to elaborate a bit more with some fun facts _

Favorite Cartoon:

Uh...if you have to ask...then, well...where have you been, my friend? Where have you been...?

Favorite Ice Cream flavor:

Moshi! Lol, it's red bean flavor _ Delicious!!!!

Favorite Band:

Mmm...Pearl Jam and Queen come really close to tying at first. After that I'd say Anna Tsuchiya and Olivia Lufkin tying for second. Then just everything from Bach to Eminem :)

Favorite Movie:

"Finding Forrester" with Sean Connery (cuz it's about writing _)

Favorite Book:

"The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexander Dumas (DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE--IT IS PAINFULLY INACCURATE!!!)

Favorite Color:

It varies between purple and blue...which actually probably leaves me with (drum roll please!) azure ;D Also I really love pink w

Favorite Animal:

Whale or Elephant (they're just freaking HUGE!!!)

Favorite Food Item:

Oooo there's this vegetarian/vegan restaurant in NYC called Kate's Joint, and my fav thing ever is their tofu hotwings with African Peanut Soup, a glass of Eliade (lemonade with fresh raspberry puree), and then a piece of their soy cheesecake _ And before you ask, yes, I am a vegetarian :)

Favorite Culture:

Japanese culture! HUGE otaku here ;) (If you know what that word means then you're probably one too!)

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage:

Sloe Gin Fizz...because while part of my brain is that of a ten year old child, part of it is also a sixty year old person too apparently ;)

Favorite NON Alcoholic Beverage:

Either frozen soy chai lattes or homemade chocolate milk :P

Favorite Flower:

Roses :) Some people know why that is, lol...

Favorite Poem:

"The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T.S. Eliot


Southern Italian and Sicilian, German, Irish and French Canadian _ The first one of those explains the dark brown hair and eyes and the fact that eating tomato sauce out of a can is blasphemous to me XD


Eh...I'm more of a philosopher than a politician ;) Besides, I feel like going too much into the specifics of stuff like this unless you know the person personally and really well only gets people unnecessarily riled, you know? Lol, anyway so I'll just go a slap a "Socrates in 2012" bumper sticker on my car and be on my merry way with this question _


Love :) (Everything else and any specifics beyond that all seem far too arbitrary and subjective to me...but all good things seem to come back to love so...Love :) )

Random Food Preferences:

I HATE coffee!!! Yuck!!! I love peanut butter but I HATE jelly so I can't eat pb & j sandwiches XD I spent a couple years as a vegan and now can't bring myself to drink straight real milk anymore (soy all the way ;) )...and now for the big one...


Like, can't chew minty gum, drink minty tea, eat any kind of minty dessert, eat mints (obviously) and I CAN'T use minty toothpaste! I am 22 and my toothpaste is for kids and tastes like fruits and I'm proud of it _ I would eat dirt before mint, XD.


To become an English professor at a college and incorporate the study of the art, nature and meaning of fanfiction into the curriculum ;) And also to have an animated series...and to write lots of books...and to travel everywhere I can! :D

Couples I ship:


Arnold X Helga (shockingly enough!!!)

Brainy X ? (A mystery character that I will be introducing in my upcoming TJM adaptation ;) )

Harold X Patty

Rhonda X Curly

Nadine X Sid

Simmons X Wartz

Other couples:

Usagi X Mamoru (Sailor Moon)

Chibiusa X Helios (Sailor Moon)

Sam X Danny (Danny Phantom)

Albert X Eugenie (Gankutsuou)

Doug X Patty (Doug)

Jimmy X Cindy (Jimmy Neutron)

Numbah 4 X Numbah 3 (KND)

Numbah 5 X Numbah 2 (KND) (I figure Hoagie's crush on Cree is just him suppressing his feelings for Abby XD)

Abby X McGee (NCIS)

Tony X Zeva (NCIS)

House X Cuddy (House)

Okay, I've rambled enough, lol! Just felt like spicing this old profile up a bit ;) Thanks for reading!!!

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