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Hello. I currently do not have any stories posted that I have written. Obviously, you can see that. This is mostly because I am afraid to start writing something and then get bored with it and never finish; I hate it when that happens with stories I am reading. It certainly isn't for lack of ideas though, there are quite a few of them floating around inside my head, I can assure you. Perhaps if I find the time, or I get enough inspiration, I will put some of my thoughts to paper. But alas, I have neither of those at the moment.

Some things about me:

Name: Sarah or Piper (depending on if I'm in camp mode or not).

Age: 21

Job: Student- Senior at Saginaw Valley State University
Unit Leader/ Trip Staff @ Camp Innisfree in Howell

I love: Harry Potter, King Arthur, The Chronicles of Narnia, POTC, Tin Man, and Pride and Prejudice.

I hate: the HP movies and cheese.

Message me if you want,


Personal Pet Peeve: Why, in the King Arthur fandom, are 90% of the stories about Lancelot or Tristan? I mean honestly, sure they were decent looking but Lancelot was a prissy crybaby and Tristan had hardly any character at all! Be creative people. Aren't you tired of always writing and reading about the same thing?

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