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Who am I?

I'm me. Aussie with Scottish/Irish background.

I like many things.

I dislike many more.

I have dreams. You probably aren't in them.

'If brute force doesn't work, your obviously not using enough.'

'A great hammer is just a really big lock pick.'

'If God gives you lemons, you hook them up and begin to form your lemon powered generator.'

-In memory of those who fell, We shall remember them.

In honor of their courage, We shall remember them.

In remembrance of the sacrifice they gave for freedom, We shall remember them.

They died to ensure that our future was bright. Lest we Forget, we should keep it that way-

A true measure of an author isn't one who can churn out the most chapters, or stories. It's not the one with the most reviews or hit. Or even the number of follows.

It's not the reviews or even the attention of his peers. No. An author's greatest measure is when his own creations take on a life of their own and the tale is no longer the reader looking at words on a page, it is now the reader who is part of the action, watching the creation's come to life around him. No one can tell an author when this happens. He or she will simply hit the period key for the final time and know then, that while his/her part of creating the story is complete, somewhere out there, those characters they have helped to shape are writing a tale of their own independent of the author.

A theme I've noticed is people mashing skills and perks together. Let's pick Harry Potter. He's a wizard. Now he's a sorceror. Who uses a staff. Which was made by Merlin. Who is secretly his ancestor. Which means he has 49 different vaults just waiting for him to claim at Gringotts. Who will gladly play nice if you but speak properly and respectfully to them. Which no one in centuries has ever done it seems. Because the general IQ of the magical world seems just barely above drooling over one's self. As per Ron Weasly. Who lack any skills. Unlike Harry. Who now has a harem. That never fights or gets jealous. And has no repercussions. Aside from Dumbledore becoming either supporting or overly stupidly controlling. And wishes he had more than one animagus form. Unlike Harry. Who has 16. And one is a dragon. It's an extinct breed from another country too. And now he still has to kill Voldemort. Who has given up and left the country because the author forgot to write an ending that made sense. Or even a story.

Take note, those of you who are doing this- AND I KNOW YOUR OUT THERE!- stop it. Before you hurt yourself. This now applies to people who put the entire cast into high school. Please don't.

I want to add here, grammar is such an important thing. Please, use spell checker. Look at your sentence structure.

If you were someone else reading your work, would you go 'Wow! This is an awesome story!" or would you go, 'eh...' So many stories, I have wondered if the author decided to troll himself by wasting his time writing 20 chapters of dribble.

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