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Wo0t! ZOMYGOSH!! Hi! I'm werewolfness... I like lots of things... werewolves, animals, horses, tigers, wolves, pirates, werewolves, Black Cat Anime/Manga, anime, manga, my pirate jacket, werewolves, vampires, unicorns, dragons, imaginary friends, real friends, books, werewolf books, movies, werewolf movies, pirates, pirate movies, Johnny Depp, Jack Sparrow...

I'm obsessed! With... werewolves... and pirates... anyways, I'm werewolfness, I'm going to become the worlds best Super Secret Ninja/Spy/Pirate/Werewolf/Super Villian/Evil Dictator/Ruler of the world! I belong to the SSSSSSH [but I'm only the brains behind them.

I'm a member of The Darkspeed Werewolves, or DSW, and my partner in crime is also a part of that particular super villian partnership. Listen, while I explain to you what darkspeed is.

Darkspeed, or the speed of dark, is faster than lightspeed, or the speed of light, because dark is everywhere, and as soon as light leaves, it's there. I say Darkspeed is equivalent to teleporting, my dad says that darkspeed is just as fast as lightspeed, because it's only there when light isn't, and my uncle says that there is no speed of dark because it's just always there. Well, adding to my theory... if it's always there, then it must be teleport, and if it's always there, then it has to be teleport, and faster than the speed of light because light from the sun takes eight minutes or something to get to earth, and dark is there immediately after it leaves. So, that obviously leaves only one option. Darkspeed is teleport, and lightspeed takes eight minutes to get from the sun to here. If we could tap into darkspeed, any and all traveling problems would be solved!

The powers of the DSW are as follows:

1.) we can turn into werewolves

2.) we can conjure/manipulate the shadows and any and all darkness.

3.) we can tap into separate demensions and summon beings from other demensions.

4.) we can teleport anywhere as long as we teleport from shadows into shadows. We're there... and then we're not. DARKSPEED!!!

now, take darkspeed, and you die. Wether I kill you as a pirate, an evil dictaor/ruler of the world, or as the darkspeed supervillian herself, you will die. one way or another. I'll track you down an kill you.

Thank you for listening and/or caring!

©werewolfness 2007

anyways, that's pretty much it, so... bye! see ya! go away now... or just go read my awesome stories!

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