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What's up, peeps?! My name is Goku275. Of course, I am NOT going to say anything having to do with my real name or other important info, but here is some other stuff about me.


- Art

- Reading

- Writing

- Animals

- Fishing

- Anime

- Soccer

- Golf

- Video Games

- Swimming

- Exercising

- Basketball

- Tennis

- Mythology

Favorite Genres:

- Action

- Adventure

- Romance

- Drama

- Suspense

- Sci-Fi

- Thrill

- Fantasy

- Supernatural

Favorite Shows

- Adventure Time

- Steven Universe

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

- Regular Show

- Drake & Josh

- Big Time Rush

- Teen Titans (I LOVE the older version.)

- Stranger Things

- Gravity Falls

- Danny Phantom

- Fairly Odd Parents

- Tak & the Power of Juju

- Avatar: The Last Air Bender

- Avatar: Legend of Korra

- Catscratch

- We Bare Bears

- Code Name: Kids Next Door

- The Amazing World of Gumball

- Invader Zim

- Wild Grinders

- Rushzone

- Wizards of Waverly Place

- Jessie

- Spongebob Squarepants

- The Troop

- Supa Ninjas

- iCarly

- Breadwinners (Ducks keep getting weirder and weirder.)

- Victorious

- Robot & Monster

- The Penguins of Madagascar

- Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (SWEET!)

- Shaun the Sheep

- The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

- Uncle Grandpa

- Clarence

Favorite Anime:

- Dragon Ball

- Dragon Ball Z

- Dragon Ball Super

- Dragon Ball GT (Sometimes)

- Fairy Tail

- Black Clover

- The Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu No Taizai

- Blood Plus

- Coppelion

- Digimon

- Pokémon

- Blood Lad

- Naruto

- One Piece

- Attack on Titan

- Clannad

- ItaKiss

- Inuyasha

- Tokyo Ghoul

Favorite Anime Ships (BOTH Canon & Fanon)

Fairy Tail

- Natsu x Lucy (NaLu) (MOST FAVORITE!)

- Natsu x Lisanna (NaLi)

- Natsu x Older Wendy (NaWen)

- Natsu x Erza (Natza/Nerza) (FAVORITE FANON SHIPPING!)

- Natsu x Seilah/Sayla (?) (I have my reasons.)

- Jellal x Erza (Jerza)

- Gray x Juvia (Gruvia)

- Sting x Yukino (StingYu)

- Gajeel x Levy (GaLe)

- Romeo x Wendy (RoWen)

- Loki x Aries (Lories)

Dragon Ball Series

- Goku x Bulma (GoBul) (I honestly wish it could've been them. I like GoChi but this pairing just feels right.)

- Goku x Caulifla (Gokifla)

- Bardock x Gine (Bardine)

- Gohan x Videl (Godel)

- Gohan x Erasa (?)

- Gohan x Zangya (?) (I just think it's interesting.)

- Trunks x Pan (TruPan)

- Trunks x Ranch (TruRan) (You can learn about Ranch on YouTube. Just search for MasakoX.)

- M. Trunks x M. Mai (M. TruMai)

- M. Trunks x M. Android 18 (?) (I just do, OK!? I have a reason, but I'm not the "best" at explaining.)

- Goten x Bulla/Bra (Braten)

- Uub x Marron (Maruub)

- Krillin x Android 18 (K18)

- Tapion x Zangya (?)

- Cabba x Caulifla (?)

- Cabba x Kale (?) (They sound adorable together)

- Raditz x Launch (?)

Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai

- Meliodas x Elizabeth (Melizabeth) (MOST FAVORITE! It is IMPOSSIBLE to separate these two. They are TRULY meant for each other!)

- King/Harlequin x Diane (Kaine)

- Ban x Elaine (Blaine)

- Gowther x Nadja (?)

- Gilthunder x Margret (?)

- Zeldris x Gelda (Geldris)

- Monspeet x Derieri (MonsDeri)


- Naruto x Hinata (NaruHina)

- Naruto x Sakura (NaruSaku) (My 2nd favorite pairing!)

- Naruto x Ino (NaruIno)

- Boruto x Sarada (BoruSara) (I've seen bits of Boruto: the Next Generation, and they're an adorable duo)

- Minato x Kushina (MinaKushi)

- Sasuke x Sakura (SasuSaku)

- Minato x Tsunade (MinaTsu) (Long story)


- Ash x Serena (Amourshipping)

- Ash x Misty (Pokéshipping)

- Brendan x May (Hoennshipping)

- James x Jessie (Rocketshipping)

- Brock x who knows (XD)


- Ibara x Haruto (HaruIba/IbaHaru)

Attack on Titan

- Eren x Mikasa (EreMika) (Top Favorite)

- Eren x Historia (EreHisu) (IF things played out DIFFERENTLY)

- Eren x Annie (EreAni)

- Eren x Frieda (Quite an interesting pair)

- Levi x Hanji (LeviHan) (Clean Freak with Sh*y Glasses) (XD)

- Levi x Petra (Levitra/Rivetra)

- Armin x Annie (AruAni) (I like the pairing, but I still can't forgive Annie)

- Jean x Pieck (JeanPiku)

- Reiner x Historia (?)

One Piece

- Luffy x Nami (LuNa) (I get AWESOME vibes from these two!)

- Zoro x Robin (Zorobin)

- Ace x Yamato (?)

- Coby x Miss Goldenweek (?) (Special thanks to Coby's Choice, by SwordOfTheGods)

- Gin x Miss Valentine (?) (ANOTHER special thanks to Coby's Choice, by SwordOfTheGods) (A nice author AND a nice work!

Tokyo Ghoul

- Kaneki x Touka (TouKen)

- Kaneki x Eto (EtoKen)

- Ayato x Hinami (HinaAya)

- Nishiki x Kimi (?)

- Amon x Akira (?)

Blood Lad

- Staz x Fyuumi (?)

- Wolf x Bell (?)


- Mikey/Taiki x Angie (?)

- Shoutmon x Lunamon (?)

- Beelzemon x Mervamon (?)

- Taichi x Sora (Taiora)

- Davis x Kari (?)

- Davis x Nene (?)


- Tomoya x Nagisa (?)

Favorite Hero OCs, the Authors Who Made Them, AND the Fanfictions They Are From:

- Nikolias - (Fairy Tail) - (Fanfiction Name: The Master and the Dragon) - (Author: got2luvanime9974)

- Gracie Amier - (Fairy Tail) - (Fanfiction Name: The Master and the Dragon) - (Author: got2luvanime9974)

- Ash - (Fairy Tail) - (Fanfiction Name: The Master and the Dragon) - (Author: got2luvanime9974)

- Sky - (Fairy Tail) - (Fanfiction Name: The Master and the Dragon) - (Author: got2luvanime9974)

- Roxy - (Adventure Time) - (Fanfiction Name: Adventure Time - Roxy the Human) - (Author: nene9131)

- Son Rikku / Female Goku - (Dragon Ball Z) - Fanfiction Name(s): Why Can't Series) - (Author: bmrdbgt)

- Cavall / Cazrael - (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai) - (Fanfiction Name: The Hunting Dog) - Author: snakebit1995)

- Aura Robin Dragneel - (Fairy Tail) - (Fanfiction Name(s): The Knight and Her Guardian Dragon & 7 Years and Counting) - (Author: Maximillian Havisham)

- Ida Starke - (Attack on Titan) - (Fanfiction Name: Humanity's Strongest Woman) - (Author: xDollfie)

- Dillon Armsdale - (Attack on Titan) - (Fanfiction Name: Attack on Titan: A Blacksmith's Tale (REMASTERED)) - (Author: crod42)

- Kenos Rossiu - (Black Clover) - (Fanfiction Name: The Other Fifth Leaf) - (Author: KenosDC1)

- Gian - (One Piece) - (Fanfiction Name: One Piece: Monster of the Straw Hat Pirates) - (Author: KP360)

Now that that's said and done, here's what I have planned for the future!!

1.) Dragon Ball Fusions: Story of Tekka - We all know the origin of Son Goku and how he became the warrior he is today. But what if Goku wasn’t alone when he meets Bulma? An incredibly talented boy with a heartbreaking past, and dark unknown secrets, is about to change the future of Dragon Ball! Look out multiverse, here comes Tekka Shinaharu! Crossover later. OC x OC (I have a trailer typed out and finished. PLEASE feel free to see a little of what will transpire!)

2.) Trans-Dimensional Tournament - It's been two years since the Tournament of Power and the Zenos are once again bored...but that's all about to change! A tournament between numerous combat-based anime is about to go down with teams of 10 or so fighters! And the return of the Super Dragon Balls! For Goku and his friends, they'll have no problem winning...or will they? Find out in the Trans-Dimensional Tournament!

3.) Attack on Titan: Humanity’s Ace in the Hole - From what we all know, Eren Jaeger has met a heartbreaking end while making himself out to all as a monster. But that’s all going to change for the better. What's a great way to become a hero? To be trained by a hero. Will more deaths be prevented? Only one way to find out. The Ackerman's had their time in the spotlight. Now, it is time for the Hange Clan to shine! OC x Petra

4.) The Wandering Vixen - Kilia died at 4 years of age due to starvation, leaving her brother on his own. But what if she lived? Trained with the way of the sword, Kilia grows into a strong, beautiful young woman. But what happens once she finds out about a familiar Holy Knight who bears the sin of greed? Find out what happens when a vixen joins the Holy War! OC x Gustav

5.) Tokyo’s Dragon - Throughout Tokyo, flesh-eating monsters, known as ghouls, have roamed the streets under the watchful eyes of humans. They are despised by all…except for this one ghoul. A frenemy to both man and ghoul, Dragon seeks out the one fiend who took everything from him as a child. He trains while seeking him out…but what he didn’t expect was to find a kid, both man and ghoul, getting involved…or finding love. Who is this "Dragon?" And what are his connections with Yamori and Yoshimura? Only one way to find out! OC x Eto

6.) The Dragon with Stone Eyes - Happy was chosen by Elfman to be his partner for the S-Class trails, so Natsu has no choice but to pick Evergreen as his partner. Though he hasn't forgiven her for the coup attempt, they are determined to get the rank of S-Class. But, can Natsu even trust his partner, and if so, will something else develop between them? First-ever NatGreen pairing. Adopted from Earth Dragon Arnighte

7.) If the Future Holds: Fire with Fire (ADAPTED) - In the future timeline, the androids find out about the time machine and destroy it. Having more than enough of their "games", Bulma comes up with another way to take care of the deadly turning herself into an android! Will Bulma's idea be enough to change the fate of the world with her son Trunks? Only one way to find out! Trunks x Mai. Remastered AND adapted from Moonraker One

8.) Bulla's Jealousy - With the Earth safe once more, Goten has found his chance to propose to his girlfriend Valese. The thing is, a certain blue-haired Half-Sayian doesn't handle it well and starts causing trouble for the couple's plans. How will this end? Only one way to find out. Goten x Valese

PLEASE feel free to message me new fanfiction ideas that relate to the various anime AND movies I listed at the beginning of my profile! Please summarize the story and I will think about it.

Oh, and I'd also like to point out that I am ALWAYS happy to help those of you who would like some help in fixing any errors OR improving different parts of their stories/chapters. Please review back to me and explain. I will then see what I can do.

BUT with me focusing on stuff like college and work, it will take a while to continue my stories. I will get to it when I get to it. That's all I can say. Oh, and NO stealing my ideas! PLEASE, for the love of God, USE. YOUR. OWN.

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