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Hi everyone, Raiza-chan here! Even though I've made my account a couple of years back, I've only just started writing. I love reading so I was pretty nervous to be on the opposite side of a story. Please take good care of me!

I hate to admit it but I used to be a sasusaku fan back in high school when I first started watching the series. But as I took a break from the anime/manga and the couple, I realized how much this couple really sucks. It's like an abusive relationship that you just want to stop. I've also realized how much Naruto loves Sakura, even through all the punches she throws at him.

My personal goal is to put up a new story once a week. If I decide to make a series then I will do my best to add a new chapter every other day. :)

Favorite Couples:

NaruSaku (Naruto)

ShikaSaku (Naruto) my guilty pleasure

ShikaIno (Naruto)

NejiTen (Naruto)

KibaHina (Naruto)

LuNA (One Piece)

ZoRo (One Piece)

InuKag (Inuyasha)

MirSan (Inuyasha)

KyoToh (Fruits Basket)

SoMa (Soul Eater)

MakKora (L.O.K.)

BoSami (L.O.K.)

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