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Good day, people of .


Please stop pming me requesting stories! Unless you're willing to pay me my full salary's worth, then the answer is no!


For the mind of PoG, a sliver I shall deliver.

Since this is a writing site, I will stick purely in terms of writing. I love a wide variety of things from video games to movies to TV shows, but there are only so many that actually have that spark of inspiration that gets me typing. I used to be a novelist, but I have since switched over mostly to novellas. I still love a good epic, but life has made that harder to achieve in a timely fashion.

I have writing tenets that I think are solid, but I think most people would find baffling. I constantly seek originality, but I also think an average cliche can continue to make for a great story. My stories have a tendency to include a lot of dialogue. Writing is all about presenting the characters rather than telling a story about the characters and there is no easier way to develop characters - particularly in an action-less setting - than by conversation. I am of the opinion that characters make the story, so my narratives will always be character-driven.

In terms of writing, I'm not sure what I'll churn out, but I almost always have something up my sleeve.

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