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Hi, my name is Annie! They/them pronouns preferred but I'm down for anything really. I'm 17, genderqueer, autistic, mentally ill, and a lesbian, among other things.

Things you should know about me and my writing:

- My main interest at the moment is British soap operas - especially Holby City. Most, if not all, fics you'll see here are for that.

- I also write poetry, so you might see some of that under this same username on FictionPress at some point.

- You know how I list some of my identities above? That's because they affect my writing a lot: I tend to write about characters who reflect me in some way (e.g. queer, neurodivergent, etc). :)

- Henrik Hanssen is autistic in every single one of my fics that features him, even if it comes up in some more than others. The same goes for Oskar whenever he crops up. (Yes, I consider this important information.) If you don't like it, fine, just don't bother me about it - take it up with the Holby writers for writing Henrik as a character with numerous autistic traits in the first place... XD

- I write Casualty fics more rarely than Holby fics, but when I do, Dylan Keogh is also autistic in them, because IMO it's made quite clear that he is in canon. (See: S26E10 and S29E43, among other episodes but those are the two that focus most on it.) Again, if you don't like it, that's your business, just don't hate on me for it.

- I typically (okay, always) borrow my titles from song lyrics. There's no copyright infringement intended with this and I'm not attempting to claim any of the songs belong to me! I'm just expressing my appreciation for musicians who inspire me to write. :D

If you want to contact me, my Tumblr is lonelier-version-of-you.

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