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I was formerly 'KPfan83' but due to computer problems i forgot my login details

Name : Chris

Born : 1983

I was born and raised in London, England but now reside in Strood, Kent

I have always and will always be a child at heart so i love my anime/cartoons and comics/manga. I am very much into most things asian so i have been reading manga and doujinshi for longer than i can remember. I have just got into fanfiction and i would like to eventually write my own but at the moment i am mainly reading and collecting some of my favorites.

Favorite shows:

Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail, X-files, NCIS, Kim Possible

Favorite hetrosexual pairings:

Naruto x Hinata (I know its pretty much the most obvious)

Naruto x Tsunade (I like the age gap thing)

Ichigo x Rukia (once again obvious but so true)

Ichigo x Orihime (well if its not Rukia then who)

Luffy x Nami / Nico Robin / Boa Hancock (whats better than one of them is all three)

Natsu x Lucy (so defiantly gonna happen)

Natsu x Erza (should have happened after the 'tower of heaven' arc)

Gray x Juvia (ice and water)

Gajeel x Levy (you always hurt the ones you love)

Mulder x Scully (the classic couple)

Tony x Ziva (Kate would have been a good pair as well)

Favorite homosexual (Yuri) pairings:

Sakura x Ino (when enemies become lovers)

Tsunade x Mai (you can never have enough fan service)

Anko x Kurenai (the sisterly kind of love)

Orihime x Rukia (busty and flat)

Orihime x Matsumoto (once again never enough fan service)

Nami x Nico Robin (anything can happen on a ship in the middle of the ocean)

Nami x Boa Hancock (when the loves of luffy find the have a connection)

Lucy x Erza (when opposites attract)

Mira Jane x Lisanna (some people may find this wrong but not me)

Xena x Gabrielle (if you dont agree you have never truly watched the show)

Ziva x Kate (only in an alternate reality)

Kim Possible x Shego (this is how the show should have ended)

Kara x Cat (the perfect older woman taking the younger woman under her...HAHA)

Kara x Lena (hello people it is so obvious)

Favorite homosexual (yaoi) pairings:


Worst pairings ever:

Naruto x Sakura (only in an AU)

Kakashi x Sakura (WTF!)

Kim Possible x Ron (EWW!)

Shego x Dr. Drakken (ARGH!)

Kara x Mon-El (what were they thinking)

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