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I'm old enough to remember when Hershey's bars were made with real chocolate, yet young enough that I don't remember a time without cell phones.

Worst saying ever: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade... Won't that be difficult, without sugar, water, a cup, knife and a spoon? Without these, all we have is a lemon. So thank you, for not only leaving me with sour fruit, but now, I'm thirsty as well.

Oh yeah, I absolutely hate the double standards I constantly find in Twilight stories. I don't believe Bella should be a virgin or a frigid lover until Edward comes along. Women are capable of having mind blowing sex with any guy, not just Edward Cullen!! Especially since he is mostly portrayed as a manwhore while Bella pines away for him, waiting until he is done playing around.

Story recommendation: Mafia Love by Mina Lisly

Goodnight, Noises EverywhereBy: Feisty Y. Beden This is the most bittersweet story you are going to read. Not angst, so give it a try.

One of my favorite stories, Unexpected Complications by Edward's Eternal is gone. I am in mourning.

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