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Hey guys! FireStorm here! I'm kinda new to the whole writing a story on this website so bear with me. I love writing, singing, dancing, helping others, making jokes, making people smile, I love love love the PD and FD! I'm gonna be a first responder-or also known as a firefighter/paramedic out in the field risking my life just so others can live longer. I'm not stopping till I reach that goal. I'm 18 years old. I have a wattpad account if you want me to write something I'm open for any suggestions. I'm an openminded person. I don't care about your past or what you did. you are you and thats all you really can be. your past doesn't define who you are. you're future does. and really all you can do is hope for the best and wait till the time is right to see your brighter future. be who you want to be in the future not who you are from the past. if you wanna talk I'm here. PM me. if you're feeling down. I'm here. if you need to rant and need someone to take out all those negative emotions on. I'm here. I'll be your punching bag, your pillow, your friend. all you gotta do is trust me and open up to me. I will always be here to help. remember. The past is behind you. change for the better to have your brighter future. because sometimes waiting doesn't always cut it. you have to take action so you can have the best future you desire and need. I'm write but I also help. and always remember. you're not alone. if you were alone in the past you're not alone now. I'm here. you're friends are here. open up. let me in let your friends in. hardships come with life. it's how you cope and how you deal with them that count. somedays are dark but I can light up the darkness if you let me in. I won't force you. I have patience. I will wait until you are ready just don't forget i am here. for you. for ALL of you.

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