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Crossovers no one would think of because they shouldn't even exist? *shakes a stack of dollar bills* Shut up and take my money!
Plots that make no sense but are interesting? *rolls up their sleeves* Bring 'em on!
Disturbing fanfics about childrens' cartoons? *shakes from excitement* Can't wait to have my childhood ruined!

I enjoy romance and horror, but angst and humor are my fuel.

If you find something disturbing, weird, unsettling, shocking, with a ship that should be illegal - send me a link. I like my daily dose of hating humanity and God for creating it. I also may be a masochist but that's for me and my therapist to talk about. I'm a pro at reporting things too so if something is a little too much I won't hesitate :)

And concerning my own fanfics - I write sometimes if I feel like it, so if I ever start a story that's not a one-shot, I can guarantee it won't be updated regularly. Sorry!

they do kinda suck tho so i guess no one would miss them lol

Oh, and the Sam (from Danny Phantom) on my profile picture was drawn by me, so please don't take it even if you like it! Thanks!

they/them if u care ;D

sub 2 pewds

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