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I'm a girl trying to extend my craft in writing

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I'm the Hero

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Harbinger of Spring:

Lorelei's Car (Chevrolet Equinox)




Letter to Readers of: Harbinger of Spring, Enchanted &/or Love Story

Sorry for not updating anything at all. The reason for this was someone came into my home and stole my laptop a new MacBook which I had for only two months and saved all my money that I made during the summer for. I’m a senior right now and that was what I was going to use for college to write paper and such. So during that time I just didn’t feel like doing anything, but I decided to move on and writing has been a release and a way to get away from all of my problems so I decided to start up writing my stories again. Though on a sad note on the laptop was a new chapter for each of my stories so from memory I’ll try and type it up again. Thanks for being patient with me.

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