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I’m a Miraculous Ladybug fan that just loves to read and review!

well... and marvel, harry potter, divergent, and the list could go on and on but this was originally just a miraculous fan account...

Some of my favourite book series are:

The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Divergent, The Ranger’s Apprentice, Harry Potter

I have been really inactive recently so if i give a random review to a story that you have written like 2 years after it was finished... sorry, but i am trying to catch up.

In regards to Miraculous:

I like the fact that Tikki and Plagg are thousands of years old because they have so much history to their characters and its cool to hear about their past holders. I don't like Lila, Luka, or Kagami. I love the Master Fu ship theories (where he has posters of Marichat and Ladrien all throughout his place)(he definitely does). I’m a sucker for Marichat - I’ll read anything if it’s about those two! Although Ladrien is the most compatible it’s just too easy for them and it’s so uneventful ya know... no reveal, no drama!!

In regards to Marvel:

I have recently watched all of the marvel movies and spider-man is by far my favourite character (followed closely by loki and Bucky) After reading many fics I've decided that I'm a sucker for Stucky. I couldn't tell you my favourite movie but my top three are Spider-Man: far from home, Thor: Ragnarok and Captain America: Civil War. I believe that like Adrien, Loki and Bucky are both precious cinamon rols who deserved better (have you SEEN the Loki series??? If not recommend wholeheartedly)

In regards to Harry Potter:

My favourite book is prisoner of Azkaban. I'm a ravenclaw. I loathe snape and don't think he was deserving of any redemption. I didn't like the epilogue so it doesn't exist. Drarry forever!

A big shout-out to all of the writers, I love to read your stories and am thankful that you write them!

I am very sarcastic although I’ll give emphasis if I’m reviewing a fic and I absolutely LOVE puns although my friends say that they are ‘Purrfectly Catastrophic’ or just not punny... Also i'm Aussie so I might use ‘Australian Slang’ when reviewing stories (not too heavily though)!

I’m a girl

I might eventually post a story here. Maybe, maybe no. It would take a lot of confidence (that I really don’t have) and it seems like all of my ideas have been written by others...

I hate giving bad criticism and try to stay pawsitive when reviewing, so sorry if my criticism isn’t very useful...

I reviewed a story and wrote ‘*dies from heartache because favourite fictional characters have died*’ - a true fangirl...

I can read ghostgirl19’s profile :)

P.S. My profile picture was found on Pinterest but the link sent me to Instagram... Basically the artist is ‘artsbycarlos’ so all credit to them!!

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