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Yay! I have an account! It worked! Whoot whoot!

-Gets up from the computer and does random victory dance across living room while siblings look on, trying to convince themselves that they are not related to this wacko-

Soooo. This is me! My name is Sally. Otherwise known as 'Phynne', which is some random female version of the name 'Finn', which is what my parents were going to call me if I was a boy. Hey, it's weird, but ot works. Kind of.

ANYway. Me. My profile. Right.

Sally (Phynne)

Teenager with no life (which is basically why I am sitting here, typing this, on a Saturday afternoon)

In Australia. I can't tell you more than that, on account of the whole 'obessesive-mother-40-year-old-man-abduction' thing.

Reading, writing, sleeping, avoding doing homework, listening to my random music that nobody but me likes or has heard of, reading fanfiction, writing fanfiction, HARRY POTTER, ranting with no apparent purpose, getting really really off-track when I'm trying to explain something to someone, chocolate, my friends, my computer, drawing, English, the colour purple, HARRY POTTER, playing the piano, singing (which I suck at, but still like), playing hockey (ditto), HARRY POTTER, and did I mention HARRY POTTER?

Maths, my English teacher, black licorice, people who say they are really bad at things, when really they AREN'T (like when you say to someone "Oh my god, your painting is SO good!" in Art, and they're like, 'No, it's not! It's so bad! Your's is REALLY good, ah-hem,". I HATE THAT. And when it's so obvious that really they KNOW that theirs is so much better than yours? Grr.), people who hate Harry Potter, people who, when you ask them whether or not they have read Harry Potter say "No, but I've seen the movies". I mean, Like that even counts for anything! Um what else? Pythagorus' Theorum, John Howard, Geoge Bush, 4 wheel drives, people who vote for John Howard, people who vote for George Bush, and many many many many more things that would take a LONG time to list. Which I would do if I thought you would care. Which you don't. So, moving on...

Things I dislike on Fanfiction:
People who say in their reviews that they 'suck at summaries'. I mean, seriously. If you can write a story, you can write a summary. And people who 'suck' at summaries usually 'suck' at their stories 's something I've noticed.

People who send you reviews saying lots of critical things, but they don't actually tell you how to change it. Like, a typical one is, "Your stories suck! You should stop writing fanfiction! You're so bad! Your stories are so boring! I hate you!" but they don't actually say WHAT IT IS that they don't like. GRRR.

People who swear in their reviews.

People who have really weird pairings. Really GROSS ones, like Dumbledore/ Voldemort, or Hagrid/Prof. McGonagall.

Favourite pairings:

James/Lily- all time favourite. Most of my stories represent this pairing.

Harry/Ginny (they are so cute! They are like a baby Lily and James!)



Katie Bell/George

Oliver Wood/ anyone- I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

Sirius/ random character that I create

Remus/ random character that I create

Least Favourite pairings:

Dumbledore/ anyone

McGonagall/ anyone

Voldemort/ anyone

In fact, any teacher/anyone is NOT FOR ME.

any teacher/student

any pairings that are from an older generation than the Marauders. Except possibly Hogwarts Founders stories and pairings, eg. Godric Gryffindor.

any same sex pairings. No offence to anyone who's... hem-hem... out there, but these stories just do not work for me.

My Stories:

My long time work in progress is A Tale of Perserverance. It basically has no plot, other that, eventually, after me throwing them into situation after weird and funny situation, they will end up together. Hence the name 'A Tale of Perserverance'.

My one shots...

The End. My version of the end of the Deathly Hallows. IT was for a competition, at the release of the 7th book.

Who Knew James Potter could write Poetry? A poetic letter (SHakepeare style) from James to Lily in the summer holidays, with a short reply from Lily tagged onto the end.

Finally, I am doing my little sister, Bloddy (not her real name, of course) a favour by posting HER little fanfic on my account. It's funny and cute. She gets very excite when she gets reviews.

Speaking of which, here are some favourite authors of mine (on fanfiction)

koonelli Chelles squiggly-pingu (my other little sister) Cuban Sombrero girl

love-tear-perish hippocritical miss.roli warm summer days Logical Raven



And feel free to send me ideas for situations to use in my chapters. I shall use one reader situation each chapter...

Soooo, that's about it really. Hmmmm...

So go now! Read my stories.

Huh, I just scrolled up and read my profile. Wow, it's long.

Ah well.


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