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"Interesting fact. Every seven years is a whole new you. Inspiring metaphor, huh?"

"Doctor House, this is a cleanroom."

"Yeah, I read the sign."

-Occam's Razor

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From Lord of the Rings...Thranduil is not a tyrant, okay?! I refuse to read stories where he is portrayed as such. He was just being a good king. If you still don't believe me, read The Hobbit again. Tolkien writes that 'if the king had a weakness it was for treasure' not for beating up his subjects. In addition, he succours the Men of the Lake in their need, and Bilbo is willing to die for him. Moreover, do you think Legolas would have been alright if he had been abused during his childhood? I rest my case! If you agree, copy and paste this into your profile, add your name to the list and spread the word Elindë, Elven Warrior Princess, Gwedhiel0117, littledragoneyes, Elf from Downunder, Nimrodel626, Pip the Dark Lord of All, SunStar706

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