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Hello I am SoralTheSol,

I like many different things, you be able to find out what when I start posting my stories again. I realized that I was reaching beyond my means with things I am unfamiliar with, So I decided to stick with things I know.

What I know is Legend of Zelda, so this will probably become a focus in Many of my stories. So my plans is to do a couple of cross overs, and to maybe write my view on the events, or write new adventures for Link.

Undertale is a favorite game of mine and I have many ideas for it.

If you want you can Follow me on twitter. I do like to be a bit more interactive with my reviewers. Things you say may motivate a new story or a twist in a chapter. I do plan to eventually put up some fan art for everyone to enjoy.

Twitter! SoralTheSol

Twitch! http:///soralthesol

Forum: I have made a forum, over time I will add a great deal to it. This will be about the many flaws on the site that anger me to no end.


Your opening Naruto chapter FAIL.

This is a classic and very annoying assumption by everyone who thinks they have what it takes to write a Naruto fic. They assume that the third is going to let Civi's get away with torturing Naruto IN PUBLIC! My god do you know how sick I am of this fucking opening. You even named it FOX HUNT. Okay let me give you this wonderful bit of information that you and the rest of your kind seem hellbent to ignore. KONOHA IS A MILITARY DICTATORSHIP! That mean that anyone dumb enough to attack the vessel holding the fox would be executed, imediatly. No trial, do not pass go, do not live to see the jail. A stoning is one thing because that would give the cowards distance. It also would not live past the first incident. An annual hunt could only take place if the third honestly didn't give a shit weather or not Naruto lived or died.

Many of you will try and counter with some bullshit about the story and the manga saying such that these event happen. God I hope the ones who do believe this don't have cars or we will all see a lot more traffic accidents in the years to come. You are probably the same idiots who think "Red means stop, Green means go, Yellow means go faster" Seriously not once in any media other than fanfiction did Naruto get tortured as a child. He may have been ignored, he may have neglected, he may have even had a few rocks thrown at him, but outright torture never happened. If it had he would have been broken. Do not try to deny this. Go back and watch the first season, go back and read the manga from the beginning. If you can find any instance where the author said anything about the civilians attack him; Really attacking him; then I will eat my hat.

Why am I ranting about this? Because I am sick of seeing this opening. It is the same opening for every halfassed Naruto fic out there and it is starting to piss me off.

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