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YoullNeverCatchMeAliveSaidHe PM
Joined Feb '19

I love books, and writing.

I like writing about Harry Potter (and some times LOTR's)

I am Australian, I use Australian english spelling and probably some Australian idioms and slang.

User name is a reference to one of Banjo Patterson's works. He's one of my favourite poets. Points if you know which one it's from.

I am dyslexic, so my spelling is not great but I make up for it though a passion for what it do.

Blanket Disclaimer. Unless specifically stated otherwise, none of the work I post here is truly mine, it's all FanFiction. If you recognise it, it's not mine. Books used as a base for my fan fictions herein are not, they are the belong to their true and original authors (mostly JK and JRRT) who I acknowledge to be literary genius's.

Also found of Archive of Our Own under same Pen Name, and Wattpad under 'NeverCatchMeAlive'

No Flames please

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