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hello everybody!

my name is risa. :D i was introduced to this site when i searched the web for ryoma and sakuno fanfics. i love their cute relationship even though ryoma's a complete idiot when it comes to love. anyways i'm not much of a writer so i like to read other peoples' fanfics because of the great story lines!

i love to get to know people from everyewhere around the world so feel free to AIM me at lychee4ever

i love anime and manga too!

My favorite manga couples are as follows...

-From Prince of Tennis:

Ryoma x Sakuno

From Vampire Knight:

Rima x Shiki

Kain x Ruka

Yuki x Zero

-From Bleach:

Orihime x Ishida

Rukia x Ichigo

and a bunch more

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