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im a big anime fan im hoping to meet fans like me

even though the harry potter fanfic journey of the heart was my brain child i have to give credit where credit is due cause without the help of my brilliant writing partner and co-author coco 29 the story would have never been started they've been the writer behind the mind and have put their thoughts in Aswell to make this story great so far, we will continue to write the story till its complete i have grown tired of see half-finished stories so we have been work to make journey of the heart as great as it can be and yes if you guys and gals have any suggestions me or coco would be glad to here you out and see if they fit we well any new ideas so once more i hope to my my brain child one fanfic to be read and remembered.

the harry potter fic. ( the journey of the heart ) might be my original idea but it wouldn't have ever be possible without the great mind and extreme writing talent of my co creator ( coco29 ) who has done and incredible job helping make my idea a reality

so once again I thank him and with his help we will finish the fic and see what lies beyond

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