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Name: Gustauve Adolfus Wilhelm (von) Drakenhime III

Nationality: Deutsche (German)/ American

Place of Origin: Oberweißbach, in the county of Unterwellenborn, in the district of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt, of the free state of Thuringia, Deutschland (Germany)

Age: 30

Heighth: 2.286 m (7'6'')

Weight: 115.67 kg (248 lb)

Hair: Strawberry-Blonde

Eyes: Emerald

Wife: Rebbecca Crystaleona

Best Friend: Brad Culver

My Cats: Tornado (died after 27 years; I'll never forget her), Monstro, Sphulka, and Slinky

My Tortoise: Hrümel von Zerstörer

My deviantART Page: http:///

Immediate Family ~


Father: Frederick Dreisen Drakenhime (V)

Mother: Rose von Mitscher Drakenhime

Grandfathers ~

Gustauve Adolfus Wilhelm Drakenhime (II)

Adolf von Mitscher (XII)

Grandmothers ~

Hannah Brenzstein Drakenhime

Opal Marzelle von Mitscher (Deceased)

Great-Grandfathers ~

Gustauve Adolfus Wilhelm Drakenhime (I) (Deceased)

Leopold von Mitscher (IV) (Deceased)

Great-Grandmothers ~

Veronika Blitzhiemmler Drakenhime

Cecilia Weißerfink von Mitscher (Deceased)

Uncles ~

Johannes Drakenhime

Jurgen Drakenhime (V)

Ludwig Marselle Drakenhime (I)

Hermann Gotha

Johann Schmaltze

Zimmerman von Mitscher

Gerhart von Mitscher

Aunts ~

Sophia Pertwee Drakenhime (Johannes' Wife)

Helga Kritsper Drakenhime (Jurgen's Wife)

Elizabeth Tanner Drakenhime (Ludwig's Wife)

Gretta Drakenihme Gotha

Isabella de Moines Schmaltze

Jannette Hammerstein von Mitscher

Gretta Eisenhertz von Mitscher

Brothers ~

Peter XI

Hienkel V



Gunter III

Jaeger Vladstein (Brother-in-Law)

Hienrich II (Deceased)

Siegfried VI (Deceased)

Sigurd (Deceased)

James XVI (Deceased)

Klaus XXIII (Missing in Action)

Heinz IV (Deceased)


Margaret (Vladstein)





Ingred Hauthmann Drakenhime (Hienrich's Wife)

Josephine Gothinhiemer Drakenhime (Peter's Wife)

Gretchin von Bismarck Drakenhime (Hienkel's Wife)


Wilhelm Drakenhime (XXI)

Ernst Drakenhime

Ludwig Marselle Drakenhime (II)

Aloric Drakenhime

Adolfus Drakenhime

Wilhelmina Drakenhime

Gretta Drakenhime

Otto Drakenhime

Hilde Drakenhime

Gretta von Mitscher

Helga von Mitscher

Johannes von Mitscher

Leopold von Mitscher

Dietrich Gotha

Katrina Schmaltze

Francis Schmaltze

Peter Schmaltze

Nephews & Nieces ~

Heinrich Jr. (III) (Heinrich and Ingred's Son)

Heather (Peter and Josephine's Daughter)

Heinz (Peter and Josephine's First Born Son) (Named in Honor of Heinz Boehme Drakenhimen (IV))

Ezekial (XII) (Peter and Josephine's Second Born Son)

Joseph Vladstein (Joseph and Margaret's Son)

Wilhelm (XII) (Hienkel and Gretchin's Son)

Katrina (Hienkel and Gretchin's First Born Daughter)

Patricia (Hienkel and Gretchin's Second Born Daughter)

Elysia and Elsa (Hienkel and Gretchin's Identical Twin Daughters)

Job: Programming

Rank: Hauptmann Irste Klasse (Retired)

Occupation: IT

About Me ~ I am man of a Christian ethos; I believe in a good and evil, the concept of right and wrong, good and bad, etc. I hail from one of the Old Families - old enough to carry the 'Von' in my name if I so choose, but it's rather tedious to go around calling myself 'Gustauve Adolfus Wilhelm von Drakenhime III', so I chose to forgo the titles and just stick to plain old 'Gustauve' (or Gus, depending on whether or not I know you), which in itself is not a very common way of spelling that sort of name... I've known Rebbecca Crystaleona most of my life, and have fallen in love with her, we are now married, and living in the State of Oklahoma, in America... I've lost many brothers due to war - it's not something I can talk about very easily... I am unusually tall, (that or everyone else is unusually short; that being my personal opinion anyways) and have trouble blending in and being considered normal... That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure I'll think of something eventually.

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