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Hi I am Kairi's Twin!

This is very important. I am updating this to express my support of Stargatenerd's rant on her profile. I had no idea this was going on. But now that I have read her profile ( I realize that many of MY stories are affected by this. I also wonder how hard it is for them to create a MA section? How much coding does it take to make it so that the age on your profile affects whether you can view a story or not. Deleting stories for the amount of fowl language is just insane, especially if they have ADHERED to the rating guidelines. I am lucky I keep back up files of all of my writing Stargatenerd was not so lucky. You cannot delete people's hard work with out at least giving them a chance to correct it themselves. If this continues. and If my own stories are taken down when I follow the rules to the best of my ability, I will be leaving this site and find somewhere else to post as hard as that may be. Or I will be more than happy to get peoples e-mails and e-mail them updates. I appreciate my followers and I do not want to punish them to make my point.

I guess I will start with some stuff about me! Hmmm... Well I am 21 and live in Manitoba, Canada. My favorite colour is blue all though green is also really cool. I love all animals even snakes(I am actually a huge Kaa fan!). In fact the only animals I am afraid of is spiders (shudders) ugh I HATE spiders. My favorite sport is Wall climbing but I also like Tae Kwon Do and Roller Bladding, Horse back riding is awesome too! My life's ambition is to be writer... I love to write. Writing is my passion though I will admit there are some things that need work. My Birthday is May the 7th. I am currently a fourth year University student and still trying to figure out where I am headed, maybe I will be an English teacher. I am a YAOI fan but I like straight couples too _; mixed up weirdo that's me. lol. Jk.

Favorite Anime/Mangas:

1. Detective Conan/ Magic Kaitou

2.Full Metal Alchemist

3. Inuyasha (though I have not read or watched the whole thing it is good)

4. Ouran Highschool Host Club

5.Fruits Basket

6.Chibi Vampire

7. GetBackers

8. Pet Shop of Horrors

9. Death Note

10. Negima (Negi is sooooo CUTE!)

Favorite Movies and television;

1. Van Helsing & London Assignment

2. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

3. Bend it Like Beckam

4. The Illusionist

5. Jungle Book 1&2

6. Pirates of the Carribean 1&2&3

7. Narnia : Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

8. She's the Man

9. All Indiana Jones

10. Ever After

11. A Knights Tale

12. The Lord of the Rings (especially extended versions)

13. Boston Legal

14. House

15. Big Bang Theory

16. Mentalist

17. Criminal Minds

18. Stardust (Robert De Nero in a tu-tu! PRICELESS)

19. Bright Star

20. Rio (such a cute film)

There are many many other good movies out there that I also think are really good those are just the ones I watch a lot. Also the only ones I could think of at the moment. there are also some movies I just can't stand because they are pointless or just plain stupid.

Least Favorite movies:

1. All Austin Powers (he is so dumb)

2. any Wane's World

3. Kung Pow

4. Borat

5. South Park (I realize it is a satirical look at society but I just don't get the appeal)

6. Family Guy

7. King of the Hill

I think that is about it of coarse if I think of more I will add them later. Mostly though my favorite pass time is reading. I mostly read fiction books, but every now and then I find a non-fiction book that peaks my interest Like I am currently reading Wicca For Beginners out if interest. I love adventure novels and fantasy stuff but I also think that some Sci-Fi stuff is really cool. In fact I will read practically anything as long as it has a good plot!

Favorit Books and Authors ;

1. Tamora Pierce (EVERYTHING!)

2. J.K. Rowling

3. Christopher Paolini ( Eragon & Eldest)

4.Kevin Crossley-Holland (Arthur Books)

5. Twilight by. Stephenie Meyer

6. Meg Cabott

7. Eoin Colfer ( Artemis Fowl books& the Wish List)

8. C.S. Lewis

9. Louis Duncan

10. the Blue Roan Child by. Jamieson Findlay

11. Pride and Prejudice

12. Dracula

13. Ella Enchanted

14. Firebird and Firebird Rising.

15. Sixty-Five Roses by Heather Summerhayes Cariou

16. Good Omens by Terry Pratchett w/ Neil Gaiman

Cool, Totally Random, or Just Plain Favorite Quotes:

"Actually I'm still just a friar I can swear all I want... Damn it." - Carl

"Heaven has no taste" - Crowley (Good Omens)

"Using musical theory, I have created order out of chaos." - Sherlock Holmes (2009)

"Irene Adler: Why are you always so suspicious?
Sherlock Holmes: Should I answer chronologically or alphabetically?" Sherlock Holmes (2009)

"It is useless to theorize without facts. Invariably, one ends up twisting facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts." Sherlock Holmes (2009)

"Do you know what this means!? All I need is a healthy ovum and I can clone my own Leonard Nimoy!" - Sheldon (Big Bang Theory)

"Two days? Can this canoe do that?" - Tom Sawyer (LXG)

"Why is the rum always gone?... Oh, that's why." - Captain Jack Sparrow

"As a matter of fact I was not going to trade bloody Will for a ship because as long as Barbossa didn't know about stupid Will I had something to bargin with. Which now no one has thanks to bloody, stupid Will!" - Captain Jack Sparrow

"Jack: So what's your plan then?

Will: I climb aboard and find your bloody key.

Jack: and if there are crewmen?

Will: I cut down anyone in my path.

Jack: I like it, simple, easy to remember"- Captain Jack Sparrow and William Turner, Dead Man's Chest

"There you are. So did you bring Mr. Hyde back of did you kill him? You killed him didn't you? You see that's why they get so annoyed when they ask you to bring someone back they don't mean as a corpse." - Carl

"Do we have a plan? It doesn't have to be Wellington at Waterloo but some sort of plan would be nice." - Carl

"Really? usually I ask only two; what are we dealing with? and how do I kill it?" VanHelsing

"But Van Helsing I don't want to go to Transylvania!" - Carl

"If you want to have intercourse with that woman find out what kind of cologne her father wore." Leonard's mother (Big Bang Theory)

"For thirteen silver pieces three men can change their stars." William Thatcher

"Bazingga!" - Sheldon TBBT

Any ways that pretty much covers the basics about me... I just realized that none of these lists are in any particular . Oh well. Now on to the things I have written and will Write!

Stories and Compositions:


Nightengale - this is complete it is a story VERY roughly based on the Jungle Book. it is posted in Miscellaneous Movies... Summary; Kokila is the Daughter of and Indian(East Indian if you like!) chief, she must find love before the next full moon or she will be forced to marry a man she does not love. One night she goes into the jungle, un aware of what she will find there. Danger, Adventure, and maybe... Love?

Visiting the Rival - Detective Conan/ Magic Kaitou fanfic. It is a one shot the was inspired by Phantom-Akiko's piece if Deviantart called Visiting the Rival. After a Heist Shinichi goes home frustrated after yet again failing to catch our Phantom Thief. But there is more than one way to capture someone as both teens are about to find out.

Taken and Mistaken- Summary; Dracula is BACK and even more determined then ever to finish off the Valerious line ( yes there are more Valerious they just seem to pop up out of the ground don't they?) but now he has a case of mistaken identity on his hands.

Energy - Keiji had a terrible idea and now the three Tantei-sans are paying for it. Poor Hakuba he will be a laughing stock for a while - -; one shot.

Mistletoe - Shinichi and Kaitou go to a Christmas party together and Kaitou get into trouble as usual. NOTE: SAKURA NAGASAKI IS MINE. As is Lady Scarlet her thief alter ego. FLUFF! KaiShin! and HakubaOC. T rating for Safety,

The Closet Incident - The twins are up to their old tricks again but why have they locked Kyoya in a closet? KyoyaXHeiji Crossover with detective Conan. M/M Pairing. NOTE THE RATING! ONE SHOT!

In Progess:

Posted stuff;

The Pie Is The Thing & Sequel - Kaitou wants Conan, but so does Heiji. Who will win this EPIC tug of war over our shruken little Shinichi? OneShot. Rating is cautionary. Currently trying to finish the sequel... damn school.

Once Upon All Hallows Eve - Chapter four to be posted hopefully before halloween due to bad writer's block.; Lyndis Everheart was involved with the Count 22 years ago but he has never really given her up (no one knows why but the Count). And now after eight years he is back and after her agian and this time he is throwing her eighteen year old daughter Silver into the mix as well.

Lian's Tale - A girl running from her parents murderer is found and adopted by Captain Sao Feng. Includes the events of At Worlds End. Obviously in the PotC universe.

Do You Love Me? - Danika Valerious flees Transylvania after the murder of her family supposedly by Dracula who claims to love her and stoutly denies the act. In Senjin, Coatia She meets an unexpected companion and joins a renowned group of extraordinary people. LXGxVH

Amelia of Mirkwood - My first Lord of the Rings fiction. Amelia and her three friends accidentally wander into Middle Earth as the events of the quest to destroy the one ring are about to commence. But is it and accident? These four young people join the fellowship and throw themselves head first into the action. Can they change any thing? Will they ever get home? Do they want to?

Yet to be posted;

Untitled A Knight's Tale story: takes place after the movie and is an Adehmar redemption fic. That is all I am going to say about it for now.

Untitled Labyrinth Story: Jareth has a new object of affection. Many years after Sarah has defeated the Labyrinth, Jareth tricks her 17 year old Granddaughter into having to run it as well, However he is determined that he will not lose Esmerelda the way he did Sarah. (open to suggestions for title)

Wild Apprentice: Tamora Pierce's Tortall Universe. Takes place during and after Trickster books but not directly related. One morning before the birth of their first child Numair Salmalin finds a strange girl washed up on the beach. A girl with Purple hair! A girl with unheard of magical power and both the Gift and Wild Magic! Numair and Daine take on responsibility for the girl's training but she turns out to be much, much more to them than just a student.

Blood Traitor: Harry Potter. Magenta Malfoy has been home schooled for years but all she wants is to go to Hogwarts with her twin brother Draco. So why to her parents keep her locked up in Malfoy manor when she obviously has an eptittude for magic?

2 Van Helsing Fan- Fics that have yet to be named... all I can really say about them is that they are not one of those stories where Dracula falls in love in fact Dracula is totally evil in both of them.

Working on Stories for several other fandoms as well. I got a couple more Pirates ones up my sleeve as well as some A Knights Tale, One Lord of the Rings, and one multiple cross over fic. All in all my brain just keeps spitting out stories and It is driving me NUTS!! But alas I do love it! oH and I plan to write a Frankenstien/OC fic for Van Helsing at some point as well cause no else has done it.

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