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Hey I'm oops almost told you my real name. Just call me Cole, call it a pen name or something.

How did I get into the rabbit hole also known as fanfiction? (PREPARE FOR INCOMING RANT)

Merlin... or more specifically Morgana probably my OTP which sadly didn't come true in the show which always confused me till I later found out the showrunners feared a relationship between the two would over shadow Gwen and Arthur(which it would've because damn did I not like Arwen). Arwen was imo not developed or fleshed out enough and neither was Arthur its like the showrunners were scared to develop Arthur too much in the case that he found out about Merlin's magic which seemed to scare them cause damn could they of had the reveal happen way earlier.

Plus is it just me or did they just make Gwen so off for the last season because her interactions with Merlin even before *SPOILER* she was forced to Morgana's will and even after she was freed she just seemed so off. I also didn't like how after season 2 Gwen basically became a love interest and lost her awkward cues and I don't know I just liked her alot in the first 2 seasons. Oh and Morgana's instant change from good to bad and like the whole turning away from her childhood bestfriend, Gwen and Arthur. Like Merlin I understand but the other two? Also she kinda did a whole 360 in who she was, cause she was like a better more just Arthur with no need for influence from Merlin who stood up for the people and what was right. Basically my point is I wish there was more character development and that certain events went differently or the characters personalities didn't change randomly *COUGH* Merlin when Morgana tells him about her Magic - cause you're telling me the man who risked everything for his friends and hell even for some random boy who he just met and was told would murder Arthur that he wouldn't do the same for the woman whose dreams helped him save Arthur, helped him with said boy, helped him save his village, showed the most openness to magic and could've been a potential partner to help him. But no he just leaves her vulnerable to outside influence??? *COUGH*

Yeah... as you can see I'm quite salty about certain events in said show.

Other than that other fandoms I like are:

Game OF Thrones, Noughts and Crosses Series, The Chaos Walking Series, Silence Series and others I can't recall.

I also love history and do wish to get into drama or well acting due to how much I enjoyed doing it as a subject.

I do also love gaming because there really is nothing better than a good game.

I have been writing a book, or well a series of books I've got the intro and plot plan written out. Its merely a lack of motivation well that and uni but mainly my lack of motivation due to how much I procrastinate.

Anyways perhaps one day I'll write a story for Merlin or one of my other favourite fandoms, if I ever have the time or well the motivation but don't worry if I do begin a story I will finish it.

One day perhaps, one day...

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