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Tonnerre's the name! I'm an aries so you have got impulsive and stubborn on top of daydreamy teen...bad combo.; Here's the thing. I'm on Fanfiction to write down my ideas since my mind refuses to shut up! No flames only criticism and if you want to know me better send me an email.

I'm into anime, manga, books in general and video games(alot more so than I should be). My music preferences are almost anything except most rap and country.-_-; You can find me here or on the following sites!





Friday, June 28th, 2008

Sorry that i've been making my profile look like a pity party. I've just deleted all that sentimental wish-washiness. So far i'm working on two stories. Both in the Hellsing Universe. Then a Baten Kaitos one, maybe,since I have some ideas for that game. You know I didn't really like it that much but I had a lot of fun playing if for some reason. Weirdness. The first one is about Seras spliting into her light side and dark side. Second one is about Alucard being haunted by one of his past vicitms. My head is abuzz with ideas. Laters until the next! By the way, anyone else getting sick and tired of all the advertisements? I wanna read when i'm on Fanfiction, not get to know the sponsors!

Tuesday May 18th, 2009

I've had a lot of apprehension about putting my ideas to paper. I really need a jolt and a push in the right direction I just don't know how to make it as good as it is in my head. Hopefully i'll be out of this rut now that summer approaches.

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