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DISCLAIMER: I do not own any TV show or Book, Moive etc that I may write for or include in any of my works. They belong to the creators and/or writers and producing companies that have contracts with them. I do not get anything out of my writing, except pure enjoyment. Please don't sue me!!

Wow it's been years since I was last on here. I am currently doing a revamp of all my stories. Please be patient with me guys. Some of my writing was shocking but some was in my opinion actually okay. I'll be updating (and hopefully finishing) my longer stories and may end up replacing some of the chapters. I apologise and hope you can all bare with me.

Tell me if my writing is bad, or good. How can I improve it? What mistakes are there? I take all critisim nicely, because I am only trying to improve my writing!

xx Jess

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