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For the longest time, I have wondered what it would be like to write a story that fully brings the reader in. In my life, I have been told that I didn't know how to put pen to paper. I really do hope that someone enjoys what I have bottled up in me. My potential, or anyone's for that matter, is unwritten and can reach the stars.

I hope that anyone who sees my profile will know that YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES! Please feel free to message me and review my stories.

Main story Flickering Lights is not a one-shot. It's going to have everything in a story for story development. The first chapter was like a prologue. The other chapters to this story will be long so please bear with me to get my chapters up. Please have a wonderful day.

The story: Midnight Knight, Written by EverFlawless and Yukiko Sora Will be around for a long time. It's a crossover of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries Premiers on January 1, 2021. Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

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