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Greetings to all my fabulous readers.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them. I know I've been slow to update recently, but rest assured that I have no intention of abandoning either of my fics.

I wish you happy reading, and thank you for all your reviews.




Casting Moonshadows - hydraspit / badgerlady

Harry Potter and the Marauders of the Mind - Xx The Grey Lady xX


A number of my readers have done me the great honour of illustrating scenes and characters from Casting Moonshadows. The links are all here. Please take a look because they're very good.

Middle-Earth Muggle: Moonsign Logo and Wishing on Moonshadows

aisuru Aki: Casting Moonshadows

nikkou28:Remus and Hamish

FunkyDory: Sirius and Remus and Remus Wearing Pendant

Daimyon: Post-Moon Remus and First Kiss (from Chapter 43) and Cracked (from Chapter 63) and I'm not human (from Chapter 74)

Kaname Natsumi: Remus Post-Moon and Sirius Black and Remus and Padfoot Sharing a Puppy-Hug

yukiko07: Remus and Hamish and Remus Reading and Remus and Sirius in the Hospital Wing

Calamus-Nomen: Scars (Sirius and Remus)

Cerium: This was a Happy Valentine's day pic. Sirius and Remus Chatting

Ryoko-Mistarugi: Casting Moonshadows banner - Wolf Howling to the Moon and Casting Moonshadows banner - Full Moon and Casting Moonshadows banner - Branches Against a Full Moon

mokubahv plans to draw at least one pic for every chapter. She's made a great start and you can see her pics here: FanArt she is also making icons which can be found here: Icons

ChiharuSato22: I Got You (Sirius and Remus)

splotchi-chan: I'm Being Followed by a Moonshadow (Sirius and Remus)

Hitokiri Shinzui: Post Moon Marauders and Post Moon Remus

ChocolateFrogsForMoony: Reading with Hamish and I Don't Think I Got It and Chocolate and Hamish and Blushes and Fumbled Fingers and The Marauders


Cocobunny79 has drawn a hilarious version of the briefly-mentioned 'Sexy Sock Puppet' scene from Casting Moonshadows (Chapter 53). It can be found here.


The Mischief Managers have made some excellent Marauder videos including a scene from Casting Moonshadows. They plan on making more based on both Casting Moonshadows and Marauders of the Mind. Check them out, although be warned that once you start watching them it's a real time-sucker. You lose whole hours! Their channel is here


Ixetka: and

This video by Peachfuz was inspired by Casting Moonshadows, I've been told. It's S/R, and uses Cat Steven's 'Moonshadow' as a soundtrack which was the inspiration of this story: http:///remusxsirius/id/3686372316


Twinkling Paopu Fruit:


Jolly Ozzy Jones has also done me the great favour of translating Casting Moonshadows into Portuguese. Chapter 5 is now up. Always glad of reviews, and Jolly Ozzy Jones, being the lovely girl she is, says she will translate them for me as well if they're not in English. :)


For those of you that would rather read Casting Moonshadows in French, eamonn is translating it. She's now well on her way to catching me up. Go and review! I reckon translating something must be even more time consuming than writing it to begin with, so I am very grateful. eamonn will also translate the reviews for me whenever possible.


For those of you who would like to read Casting Moonshadows in Korean, Dande has kindly offered to translate it. You can find the translation on her blog at:


Since I know even less Korean than Portuguese and French, I'll have no idea how it's going, but Dande says she will kindly keep me updated, so enjoy!


Leavinghome is steaming ahead with the German translation at a very impressive rate. In the first week she posted 3 chapters, so those of you who would prefer to read Casting Moonshadows in German, you probably won't have long to wait. Remember to leave reviews. They are what keeps us writers going.


Mimosne has recently started a Danish translation. She also seems to be something of a translation whizz and had the first two chapters up with a day of asking me if I'd like her to do it. Very impressive. Link is: At kaste mÄneskygger


PermanentCarmine is taking on the mamoth task of translating this beast of a story into Swedish. It should now come as no surprise that my second-language skills leave a lot to be desired and thus I do not, in fact, know a single word of Swedish. So hats off to you, my dear, and I wish you the best of luck in your translating as well. The link is: Here


Suasha has bravely started on a Polish translation for Casting Moonshadows. She seems to be steaming ahead with it, so if you prefer reading in Polish, stick with her. Good luck with your translation Suasha! The link is: Here


StarSpangledTeaLeaf is now translating Casting Moonshadows into Chinese! Yay! I had a look at the link and have no idea what any of it says, of course, but it all looks very impressive. I have a great respect for anyone who can read and write, not only in two languages, but also in two alphabets! So the link is: Here

Good luck to all my wonderful translators!

Moonsign XXX

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