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Hello! This is TomoenaRayelle, a crazy author that almost always posts her chapters three days after she promised herself to. I still wonder why so many people stick by me...

Anyhow, my favourite anime and manga are (in order)

Ergo Proxy - Shaman King - Naruto - Bleach - +Anima - Fruits Basket

I currently own one posted story.

-On the Border of Love and Hate a Sasu/Saku fanfiction that takes place two years after the time skip.

I'm working on another story called "That Face in my Dreams" a Neji/Tenten fanfiction during the timeskip in Neji's P.O.V. I'm working on it but I'm not posting it until I have a couple chapters done.

If you have enjoyed my stories so far, be sure to read and review! Thank-you!

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