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Harry Potter Plot Bunnies (Feel free to PM me about them; I'll be happy to part with any number of them):

1. Wrong "Boy-Who-Lived": There was no Boy-Who-Lived; rather, Dumbledore fabricated the story to placate the public after Voldemort suddenly disappeared without warning. It's why he locked up Sirius Black, because he witnessed the truth: Dumbledore murdering Lily and James Potter to set up the entire story.

2. Gourmet Harry Potter: Harry Potter only cares about food and cooking it. Everything he does at Hogwarts is driven by his desire for good food.

3. The Hunger: Harry Potter can and will eat anything. It started small, a nail in the cupboard because he had been sent to bed without dinner, but then it began to escalate, until the government found out about him and paid off the Dursleys to take him into government custody, where they experimented on him by feeding him just about anything they could think of. By the time he's at Hogwarts, he's eaten entire cars, several terrorists, a building and possibly a small island off the coast of Brazil. His solution to every problem is "I'ma eat it!"

4. "Wrong" Boy-Who-Lived: Harry Potter is the Boy-Who-Lived, but just about everything about him is unnatural and wrong. He's an intelligent psychopath with a penchant for murder, mayhem and maiming. The Dursleys would live in fear of him, if they lived at all; he gets his Hogwarts acceptance letter delivered to his prison cell, where he is serving consecutive life sentences for a litany of crimes.

5. Dead Magic: Harry Potter is a magical dead spot; magic completely ignores his existence, passing through him as though he wasn't there, and he has no way to use magic because of this. He still ends up at Hogwarts.

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