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Summer is here and the pandemic is mostly passed and life is getting back to normal and i can honestly say is a blessing to be able to go out and do things once again. However the impact of the last year has been a boon for me creatively.

I have a laundry list of authors who have inspired me to write here are some of them

Ashwinder The Price of Victory
Cygnus Crux Harry Potter's Existence after Life, Mind War
Flying without a broom
Sunset over Britain, Sunrise Over Britain
Hope, White Knight, Grey Queen
The Refiners Fire, Family Matters
Rorschach's Blot Make a wish, Lord of Caer Azkaban
BJH Adaptations
Last Second Savior
Sword and Magic
Chosen Ones, A New Order

There are many more. that I could list if you go through my favorite stories , favorite authors and my C2 every author and story is there because they in some way inspired me

Fic Status:

Beyond the Pale: currently on hiatus as the muse is stuck back at the end of the last chapter.

Love of a Goddess: My muse has absolutely nothing for this story. Weekly i look over the entire work and nothing speaks to me

Dark Order: Technically Up for adoption as I try not to dwell in the dark place I was in when I started writing it. I have been looking at it and ideas are percolating

He Who will be Torg: Trying to decide if i am going to do a time skip effectively skipping the Hogwarts years instead jumping to the battle of Hogwarts and the invasion of core earth. I have an idea for chapter six but i am not sure about the idea

Finding the way: Technically complete. However, i never had an endpoint in mind and may revisit it from time to time

Far and Away: Chapter nine is done and i am focussing on some other things.

Imagination station: this is my idea file that currently has spawned two new fictions.

Crossing Infinity: Multi Chapter Marvel/HP Crossover that has one or two chapters more before it is complete. There may be others in the same universe following the events of different movies i am unsure as yet to be honest . Note I am stuck trying to write the opening scene of chapter five...it sucks

Force & Magic: The Beginning is my 2020 NaNoWriMo Project currently the work sits at just under 75k words with a posting schedule of every 2 weeks I have enough material for the coming year. This is being Updated Bi-weekly

Saving Him, Saving her this is my guilty pleasure piece

Three Months to Remember HP/Star Gate SG1, Harry/Samantha Carter ship that my muse spoke to me and i had to write. Complete

Will and the Word HP/Belgariad & Mallorean Harry/beldaran In progress Chapter 9 just posted

My Muse while my muse is not a story many of you have noted I have written quite a bit this year. My Muse has quite literally turned into a ferret it sees something shiny and grabs it

Pet peeves: Armchair authors and "guest" reviews that care If you believe you can write a better story go for it. I am not writing for anyone in particular and i am not writing to get reviews. I recognize that all of my work is drivel. I use writing to help me relax and to clear my creative mechanism. if you do not like what I am writing do us both a favor and move on life is too short.

Fan fiction authors plugging their p a t r e o n trying to make money for the stories they are writing good way to get sued for copyright infringement and hurt the fanfiction community as a whole I have have stopped reading two authors so far due to this kind of behaviour if you want to do this write your own original fiction

Today I have found a new pet peeve and for me this is a cardinal sin as far as I am concerned. When a good author turns what is a good serious work into a crack fic or writes a half ass ending. One of the authors I read did that with a crossover I fell in love with. Let me be very clear This is a literary sin and authors who do such things should be punished ... god it is frustrating!

Pet peeve the fourth a story that has 40 Chapters but only 30k words... Beyond frustrating.

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