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If you are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or just a non-humanitarian person, leave my page. I already kind of hate you.

(Or debate with me. PM me. Let's have a conversation. I wanna know why you support those beliefs. please?)

(THAT ALSO MEANS IF YOU SUPORT TRUMP! Cause I'm like an activist that goes to protests and gets death threats on a daily basis from thing on my instagram and social media)

One important thing you should know about me: I hate happy endings. They are overrated. But, that is not to say stories that I read/write don't have happy endings, the majority of them do.

Another thing. I have a love-hate relationship with romance. Like I really really really want to believe in true love, and that we all have soulmates, but I think that I have just been like betrayed too many times, and have too deep of trust issues to ever fall in love. So like have the times I read really fluffy fics to make my heart go warm and fluffy, and I always like the things where someone is just really cold hearted and there's just that one person that just makes them feel all warm and gooey in the inside. Like, I want that. I have never fallen in love. Is that bad that falling in love is something on my bucket list? Honestly tell me.

I am a female, born and grown in California, and thats all you need to know. I have no clue about my sexuality, so don't ask. I discovered the world of fanfiction in my sixth grade, February 9, on one of my best friends birthday parties.

My main fandoms are Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

(For JK Rowling, Love the art, not the artist)

The greatest story in all of the Harry Potter universe is Antithesis by Oceanbreeze7. And nobody can say no to that.

I read Lady of the Lady by Colubrina (my favorite fic until I found Antithesis, I'm sorry) and I wanted to become a politician. ( I still do. Tell me how I tell my parents that, please. (Just wanna say, I wrote my persuasive speech that I would say to people when I was in 8th grade. And I still think its beautiful. Like I think, "If anyone hears this, I think they should vote for me." But please don't let that change what you think of me. Ignore that fact if it makes you think I'm a terrible person. Its just because I think that I can change the world. The US. I am Gen Z, so WE CAN DO ANYTHING!!!

I try and make an effort to review every story I read. You should too.

My favorite tropes are:

Wrong Boy Who Lived



I love angst. Like a lot of angst. And Hurt/Comfort. Literally my entire life.

I do have a few stories. I might write/post them. Like I have so many scenes for different plots and stuff. A few oneshots. But like, so much. If anyone needs a muse, I got you.

One thing I have to include on here, if you are writing a character with a mental illness, please research it. PLEASE. If you're writing a character that is depressed, don't make them always cry. The majority of people who are depressed don't cry openly. People with eating disorders are not always skinny and boney. If you are writing a panic attack, sometimes others can't them as it isn't just heavy breathing and crying and things. Same with anxiety attacks. If you are writing a person with OCD, it doesn't mean they like everything to be perfectly clean, it's usually, "I have to erase 7 times otherwise I will fail" or, "I have to switch the light 5 times because then my family will be safe". If you are writing a character who self harms, they don't do it because it "feels good". (personal experience) They do it because it clears their mind and calms them down. As someone with personal experience with the majority of these, you can ask me for any details. But please write mental illnesses correctly. It's one of the things I strive to write correctly in my current novel. If there is anything you'd like me to know about a mental illness, PLease tell me. As a writer educate yourself.

If you are bored, PM me. If you need ideas, PM. If you need to rant about any-freaking-thing, PM. I like having to listen to people. It makes sure I don't have to talk to anyone. :) I always feel its easier to talk to people you don't know personally.

Update: I just realized something. I can be your TMR diary. Its just a diary, and I'll write back. BEST PART EVER: I CAN'T POSSESS YOU!!! (lol I love how happy this makes me)

REUPDATE THAT IS IMPORTANT: Stop PMing me to send me n*des. That's gross and inappropriate. Stop it. And also, this is a fanfiction site. Not a dating site. So don't ask what my tinder is. I don't even have one that you'll find. (I have one that I made in 8th grade for a dare and people swipe left on me and it's hilarious)

One thing on my bucket list: To be written a birthday fic. Like for me. I will forever love you if you do that. Like forever. Even after I die. (My birthday's April 28). If you give me your address (which you don't need to) I'll send you cookies. Like actually. please

I think that's all I need to say, right?

(Also I found out fictionpress existed today... so, you can find me there with the same account, same bio, everything)

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