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An eccentric. I write to amuse myself. I share so that others might be entertained(*).

Go find me on ao3 for bonus podfics and other stuff I can't post on here.

Big big fan of the actor Tom McCamus, and I have a blog dedicated to him (search for hellyes-tommccamus) which also includes my many thoughts on Mutant X and the science that is and is not behind it, plus my trips to Genomex.

I once got behind the wheel of the Bentley Crowley drove in Good Omens. It was not on fire at the time.

Unfortunately, as of yet I have no claims to fame regarding Eroica (unless being able to answer that one quiz question about what NATO stands for counts).

Feel free to contact me here or on tumblr to chat about any of my fandoms and especially if you want to co-write something. I need help with two ridiculous crossover ideas I have had for a while - Mutant X/X Files/The Lone Gunmen and Eroica/Austin Powers.

If you’re reading this from the future and my stories have become Vintage FanFiction, you’re still welcome to review or message me. Even if I’m President of the Earth or something I’ll still drop my Important Space Documents to talk to you. At the time of writing I've been a fan of each of my fandoms for 15-20 years. Dedication is my middle name.

(*) No guarantees, no money back. But you may be surprised.

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