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Hello, readers!

Though I find it most precarious that I am taking the time to delineate myself when there is really no other reason than for the sake of having fun, I will do so just in case my readers might be interested.

Let's begin with the basics, shall we?

My real name is not of importance and I find it uncomfortable to give it out online, so if you will, please call me by my internet name.

My age is not of importance nor is it an influence in my writing style. Though I appreciate curious readers, I simply find it irrelevant to point out my age. A person's personality is never to be judged by their physical age or appearance.

Now, a bit about my personality:

I enjoy a very peculiar type of music that I have yet to find a name for. As of right now, I am calling it 'Emo with a dash of Pop' and as such, I believe it would be best to describe my music tastes to that of Panic! At The Disco.

I often wonder about the world (as everyone has ought to have done some time in their life) and the English language. This often leads to many bizarre theories or questions created for the sole purpose of the amusement it brings during said speculations. Here are some of them.

"If the plural for 'goose' is 'geese', why isn't the plural for 'moose', 'meese'?"

"English was just a compilation of five professors, a billion different languages, and a seriously demented sense of humor."

"'If a tree were to fall in the forest with no one to hear it, is there sound?' is just about the equivalent of asking 'if there's food in my mouth with no taste buds to taste it, does it have flavor?'"

"I find the stupidity of humanity both amusing and concerning."

"Grammatically speaking, 'ain't' isn't a word, yet it is a compound between 'isn't' and 'aren't' in a half-baked attempt at finding the correct tense. That 'ain't' right."

"'Inappropriate' is literally saying 'in' and a different tense of the word 'appropriation'; so isn't 'inappropriate' actually 'appropriate' and vice versa? And what if something is perfectly neutral, would it be 'ppropriate'?"

I'm a very busy individual, and while I have every intention of finishing a story, gaps between updates will be few and far between. Expect at least two per month, if not more.

I understand the treachery that having no one to turn to can cause, and the heartache it brings. I'm not claiming to be a therapist, but if anyone would like to speak with me or take advice, I'm always open to PMs. I take into account that you know nothing about me and I know nothing about you, but that may be just the thing you need. You could be too scared to speak with close friends or family about things that trouble you, and choose to keep those hurting emotions and festering thoughts to yourself. You won't have to care what I think about you, so maybe you'd feel less inclined to keep to yourself. Take into account, this may not be a case, but I think I can sleep at night knowing that I have offered to help someone in need.

And, professional therapist or not, confidentiality is what I stand for and it is a promise I will keep.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my profile, and without further ado, enjoy!

Stay Traught! (Or don't, I'm perfectly fine with that too!)


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