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Cheea5 PM
Joined Feb '07

Name: It's a secret, don't tell Cheea5

Age: between 1 and 50

Weight: Light

Gender: Female

Blood type: O (I doubt you care)

Location: Washington

Favorite Characters: YUAN! (Tales of Symphonia) Neji Huga(Naruto) Matthew (Fire Emblem 7) Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist) Yuffie (Final Fantacy 7) Rikku (Final Fantacy 10/10-2) Bathier (Final Fantacy 12) Vivi (Final Fantasy 9) Zidane (Final Fantasy 9) Blank (Final Fantasy 9) Laguna (Final Fantasy 8) Zell (Final Fantasy 8)

Other comments: Am I the only one who thinks Rufus (FF7) looks like Seifer (FF8)?

I take challenges if you have any.

(='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and Paste him into your Profile.
I'm helping Meowzy-chan help this bunny gain world domination.

How to use the Holy Hand Grenade, which can be used to blow thy enemies to tiny pieces

To useth thy Holy Hand Grenade, first pulleth the pin from thy hand grenade. Then thou shall counteth to three, no more no less. Three is the number thou shall count to and three is the number at which thou shall stop at. Thou shall NOT count to four, and thou shall not count to two unless it immediately precedes the number three. The number five is right out! Once thou reach the number three, lobbeth thy hand grenade towards thy enemies.

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