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Hello, I am Electriuser I live in ... censorship ... my phone number ... censored ... What happens on from time to time.

Project Kazuma Futura

Lord Kazuma














and now this villain is free.

You are cordially invited to his expansion into the multiverse.Chaos spreads in the multiverse.

Lord Kazuma


Lord Kazuma

Electriuser: It is not the original Lord Kazuma but similar but not the same Kazuma so that it is easier to understand, think of the term "variants" of the Loki series that live in different worlds. Some villains other anti-hero, the origin story is always different.

Lord Kazuma: I cannot rest and not have an origin story.


Do not be afraid to send pm if you want Lord Kazuma on your fic, not that you will spread it to all applicants but several of them will do.

In addition, Lord Kazuma has planned appearances in The Loop from Pokemon and Valkirie Dawn from Fairy Tail. They will have their variant profile when they make their official debut.

Variant 1

Lord Kazuma Prime

Name: Takeya Naegi

Fanfic: Yugioh Vrains: Obscured Truth By: Divadx

World: Yugioh Vrains

Deck: Dark Magician

Group: Knight of Hanoi


Debut: end of chapter 15

Variant 2

Lord Kazuma Heroic

Name: Ajay White

Fanfic: My Hero Academia USA: Sara Gaiden By:61394

Wolrd: Boku no Hero My Hero Academia

Hero Name: Antihero God of Chaos Assassin Lord Kazuma

Quirk: ???

Debut: chapter 10

Variant 3

Lord Kazuma Noinverman

Name: Zack Schrank

Fanfic: Pokemon Society: Heroes and villains

World: Pokemon

Pokemon:Goodra, Swampert, Electivire, ???.

Group: Gamma Team


Debut: chapter 3

Variant 4

Lord K

fanfic: How To Not Write An SYOC :) by EscopeNotIzzy

Wolrd: Total Drama

Group: Team Rickroll

Debut: chapter 4

Variant 5

Lord Kazuma Zaitsev

fanfic: Drama Total El Legado de la Isla [still competition] By: Yolotsin Xochitl

Wolrd: Total Drama

Group: Floating Bass

(This story it is in spanish language.)

(This Lord Kazuma is less intelligent than usual.)

Variant 6

Lord Kazuma Sith Path

Name: ???

Fanfic: Elysium Asylum

World: Boku no Hero My Hero Academy.

Quirk: Skywalker

Group: Prisoners of Elysium

Debut: Chapter 2

Variant 7

Lord Kazuma Naughty Boy

Name: Scott Sullivan

Fanfic: Mary Sue & Gary Stu Death Battle by CrossKnight105

World: DC and Marvel.

Love Interest: Gwenpool

Age: 15

Debut: Chapter 5

Variant 8

Kazuma J

Name:Kazuma J. Nagasawa

Fanfic: Pokemon Trainer's Academy


Pokemon: Jolteon, ???, ???


Debut:Chapter 4

Variant 9

Name:Minato Nosaka

Fanfic:Flame Justice

World: Boku no Hero My Hero Academy.

Quirk: Diamondkinesis


Debut:Chapter 2

Variant 10

Ninja Water

Name:Strom Slytherin

Fanfic Descendants of Fire


Age: growing, coinciding with the same one from Naruto.

Debut:Chapter 3.

Variant 11

School Pokeboy

Zack Schrank

Fanfic:Pokémon Academy


Pokemon: Electivire Shiny, Salamance,???

Love Interest: Ashley

Age:teen(pokemon world I have no idea the age of any character, the memes of ash did not age won.)

Debut: chapter 3

Proyect Drama Multiverse

Total drama a reality show where some campers compete for a million dollars. As much as I like the villains with the way they are portrayed there very flat, stereotyped and prone to disproportionate karma, and that is not bad if not one of the bases of the world of total drama. So I can not send villains there or with a chopping bar of meters of distance to whom I send.Let's help this girl to repeat an adventure she doesn't want to be in.

then this character grew and now comes to series that has nothing to do with total drama.

Larisa Zaitsev Stereotype: Shy Girl

Drama Island Total [still competition] By: FreshmEn

Drama Total El Legado de la Isla [still competition] By: Yolotsin Xochitl (This story it is in spanish language.)

Stories that you can enjoy if you know Spanish or use the google translator

Pokemon Antisocial Hero: Mask of Ice

Au Purple woke up in the pokemon world because a serial killer is after me. Purple without being good enough for heaven or too much for hell he is condemned to follow his life in the pokemon world.

Inazuma Eleven: Heavenly Wind.

Au A more idiotic teenager than usual crashed a plane by accident. He was found entertained by observers of the multiverse (characters from other anime), consequently being taken to an altered line (by an evil loli) of Inazuma Eleven and received the body of the body of Tenma Matsukaze plus the system of confidants of Persona 5 arrived. into the world of soccer to completely distort him as he lives his life.

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