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The Question23 PM
Joined Feb '07

Name: The Question23 (No way in hell I'm gonna give my real name)

Location: Monaca, Pennsylvaina

Age: 24

Favorite music: Wierd Al Yankovic

Faovrite shows

Teen Titans - Despite the fact that it's over, I still love it.

Danny Phantom- Same story.

Avatar: The Last Airbender- Thought the ending was insanely well done and I was pissed that the movie sucked ass. Shyamaian fucked up big and he had it so easy, he didn't have to come up with anythig original just go off of what the creators made.

The Legend of Korra- Borra all the way! Screw Mako, I couldn't stand the way he couldn't make up his freaking mind over which girl he wanted.

Ed, Edd, n' Eddy- Watched the movie "Big Picture Show" Great way to end it.

Kim Possible- Favorite pairing ROGO...It's unexpected and I love it.

Victorious- I'm such a sucker for the Rade pairing, but I also have a soft spot for some Rori.

Favorite movies:

Avatar- If James Cameron is smart, he won't make a sequel without an origanal plot. Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie and I think it might be his greatest work, but there could have been more to it with an origanal plot.

Jackass number 3

V for Vendetta

The Producers

and anything si-fi, comedy, or action

Please read all stories and give me some ideas on how to finish them! I really need help with that part!

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