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Joined Feb '07, USA

About Me Basics


Birthday:March 21

Eyes: blue

Hair: Red

Fav color: Burnt Orange

Day/Night: Night

Fave Food: I uhhh no clue LOL


Do you ever wish you had another name? I do… Alice Hahaha

Do you like anyone? Anyone at all or a guy? A guy one...people a few

Which one of your friends acts the most like you? Emmy

Who's the loudest? Bella

Who have you known the longest of your friends? Caitlin

Who's the shyest: who the heck is shy that I know? lol

Are you close to any family members? My mama

When you cried the most: when dad left when I was 14

What's the best feeling in the world: traveling down the highway with the windows down with a bunch of friends the blaring music.

Worst Feeling: sitting at home bored


Let's walk on the: wild side haha

Let's run through: forest. Admit it you want to!!

Let's look at the: moon. arrrrrrrrroooooooo

What a nice: cloudy day I mean it is just perfect

Where did all the: money go i mean really it was just 2 stores! lol

Why can't you: just speak up and admit you want to run through the forest! lol

Silly, little: rabbit trix are for kids! love kill bill

Tell me: halloween is the best holiday i mean its all black and orange awesomeness!


Ran away from home: once but just for a day! it was interesting

Pictured your crush naked:...*looks around* who hasn't?

Skipped school: well who hasn't played hookie?!

Broken someone's heart: well come on it was just TIM!! lol jk

Been in love: wish i seriously hadn't ...now

Cried when someone died: I'm going to sound cruel but no

Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: have you ever watched numb3rs, paranormal state, or supernatural i mean really who doesn't?

Done something embarrassing: I plead the 5th

Done a drug: yes I will admit to that but nothing else lol

Cried in school: nope not once...at least I don't remember


Your Good Luck Charm: If I told you it would be yours … heck no its ALLLLL mine! mwahaha

Person You Hate Most: I wont name names! haha

Best Thing That Has Happened: paid off my car!

WHO Makes you laugh the most: Emmy

Has A Crush On You: Anthony I believe

Do You Have A Crush On Someone: no comment


Fallen for your best friend?: sure found out it wasn't love though

Made out with JUST a friend?: yep!

Been rejected: Totally and I hexed them...hahahahaha

Done something you regret?: yes, but it has also made me into who I am today!

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