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If you're one of my older followers, chances are that you followed me for my first shitty harem fanfiction stories that I've long since (rightfully) deleted. If you're one of my newer followers, chances are that you followed me for dinosaurs wrecking shit in fandoms that they logically shouldn't be in. Regardless of whatever reason you have followed me for, thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

In all honesty, don't put a whole lot of thought into a lot of what I say. I'm kinda a dumbass in most regards. Unless, of course, you mess up in the fields of zoology or paleontology, in which case put a lot of thought into what I say.

A little bit more about me

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Eldritch dinosaur

IQ: What's the room temperature of Alaska again?

Social Security Number: None of your fucking business

Likes: Animals, animation, chocolate, cryptids, folklore, music, Magic: The Gathering, mythology, nature, reading, speculative evolution, those memes that have been popping up over my YouTube recommendations as of late

Dislikes: Character inconsistency, hearing people call a pterosaur a "pterodactyl", most Evil-alignment Gamer stories (The Dark Wolf Shiro has oversaturated this genre in my opinion and most others are just poorer copies of his stories)

Favorite Bands: Poor Man's Poison, Rare Americans

Favorite Franchises: ARK: Survival Evolved, DanMachi, Fate, Jurassic Park/World, Legendary’s MonsterVerse, Monster Hunter

Favorite Types of Stories: Good-alignment Gamer stories, harem stories, xenofiction

My Stories

A More Ancient Grail War (Fate/stay night): This story is about the Fifth Holy Grail war summoning prehistoric Servants like Sue the T-rex as Berserker. This was made before the Seventh Lostbelt's release, which gave us a lot more information on the Nasuverse's prehistory. It'll probably be rewritten in the future.

Jurassic Tail (Fairy Tail x Jurassic Park/World): This story is actually a former friend's but he lost interest in it shortly before COVID hit. It's about the Indoraptor ending up in the world of Fairy Tail, which has been having dinosaurs appear in it throughout the last few years, and would have eventually been about him & his new family overcoming the threats of the anime alongside several original threats.

Making the Grail Wars Great Again (Fate/stay night): My one true masterpiece, telling the heartfelt and emotional journey of Sword Boy and his Servant, the Foreigner of Orange, during their time in the Fifth Holy Grail War.

My Update Schedule

Whenever I feel like.

Random list of quotes I likes

“Ah yes, HP Lovecraft’s infamous domesticated terror birds. One of his most iconic monsters, yes.”

"Don't steal. The government hates the competition."

"If you're ever having a stressed out day, remember the sloth. They don't do shit and they still haven't gone extinct."

"It also means that it's entirely possible that I've met some unseemly end on this fascinating but exceedingly dangerous island that I call home. I suppose you could have also stolen it or I could have misplaced it in which case please proceed to either hang your head in shame or return it to me at once. Whichever is appropriate."

"Nobody is making you believe in evolution, gravity, tectonic plates, germs, observable reality, etc. Science isn't about making someone believe in something, it's about evidence, and regardless of if you are willing to admit it or not, things such as evolution ARE evidently true and have been verified to be such under every single condition so far observed. You see unlike religion, in science there is only on truth, one verifiable reality. It isn't about your opinion or someone else's opinion, it is about what the evidence says. Now, you don't have to believe what the evidence says, but the thing is: why would you ever want to believe in something that isn't true?"

"Parents spend the first part of our lives teaching us to walk and talk, and the rest of it telling us to sit down and shut up."

"Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gurgle."

"That's what Jurassic World was missing: a murderous demonic clown."

"There are things you can't fight: acts of God. You see a hurricane coming, you get out of the way. But when you're in a Jaeger, suddenly you can finally fight the hurricane. You can win."

"There is stupid coming out of your mouth hole again."

"What matters most in life are quotes and stuff that tell you what life is really about. And here's a picture of a tree."

"Who are we? Once we were called the spirit of the mountain. Father sun, mother moon. Ancestral spirits, animal spirits. Jinn. Ghosts. The green man. Then gods, demons. Angels. Poltergeists. Aliens, extraterrestrials. Leptons, quarks. The words change. We do not change."

"Why the fuck did you give Cthulhu tiddies?"

"You have a right to your opinions. I just don't want to hear them."

"You know, this whole 'staving off the ever looming spectre of despair' thing would be a lot easier without all the dinosaurs. Did I not mention those? I should have mentioned those. Anyways, turns out that raptor attacks aren't so great for morale. True story."

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