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Hello everyone who takes the time to come here and read this. For starters my name is Adam, I have been gone for quite a while and I regret that I never actually posted anything to inform my readers of what was happening. I will not get into too many details, long story short: several upheavals including the passing of my closest friend left me severely depressed, to the point that I would sit at my computer trying to write and not get a single word typed in hours. I am back now though, and I will make up for absence, I promise this. I am going to reread all of my work to refamiliarize myself with it before I start working on new material, so I ask that you be patient with me.

It is quite late at night as I am typing this, I plan on posting an update on each story I currently have posted with this information tomorrow and then this profile will be updated again to be more... Profiley.

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