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Do not repost my fics anywhere. This includes translations.

A Short Guide To Why I May Have Blocked You:

- Your crimes include one or more of the following: trolling, flaming, ship-bashing or character-bashing, sending unsolicited prompts/requests, leaving nonconstructive criticism, begging for me to read/review your fic, or Brit-picking.

- PMs are for review replies and trusted friends ONLY. Anyone else who PMs me for any reason WILL BE BLOCKED.

- Just call me Edward Elric, because any review that mentions the word SHORT is a one-way ticket to Block Town. I write short things. If you don't want to read short things, try checking the wordcount before you read instead of whining at me.

- Likewise, any comments about not liking the ship I picked and/or wishing I'd write a different pairing, is a one-way ticket to Block Town.

News on what Lamia is writing:

- Updates on everything will be sporadic, as usual. (Basically I have no idea how long it will take me to finish anything. That's just how my writing process works.)

- Current Main Fandoms: The Witcher, Castlevania

- Current Secondary Fandoms: Good Omens, The Dragon Prince, Hellsing, Ace Attorney, One Piece, Pretty Cure

- If a fandom isn't on the main or secondary fandoms list, it's safe to assume that I am not actively writing for it.

- Any ongoing fic that hasn't been updated within the past year is not likely to be updated anytime soon, either.



"Lamia is not lazy. She is motivationally deficient." ~Dragon

Forums you can find me at:

The Night Crew's Tavern (multifandom challenges, games, chat.)

Imperial Palace (Final Fantasy challenges, games, and chat.)

I still have operavampirate's soul,
...but I forget why I officially wanted to smack Breaker deGodot.

I've been crowned the Queen of Disturbing Imagery by Lizz(ard).

I've been crowned the Queen of Crack by Chelle.

I like puns.

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