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basic info. about me

name: alexandra (you can call me alex)

location: toronto, canada

age: 16

couples that i ship: (the oc) seth/summer, ryan/marissa, sandy/kirsten, (gilmore girls) luke/lorelai, jess/rory, (one tree hill) nathan/haley, lucas/peyton.

shows that i watch: the o.c (which died unfortunatley), gilmore girls (died too), america's next top model - and canada's perhaps but that's a total copy..., law and order criminal intent and svu, ugly betty, the hills, oth.

loves: mischa barton, adam brody, rachel bilson, the o.c, nyc, fics, reading.

hates: bad grammar and spelling.

my favourite odd couples on the o.c: seth/marissa, alex/marissa, ryan/kirsten, ryan/anna, volchok/marissa, ryan/theresa.

couples that should never have happened on the o.c: ryan/taylor, zach/summer, d.j/marissa, seth/anna, frank/julie, johnny/marissa.

favourite movies: memoirs of a geisha, walk the line, mean girls, the devil wears prada, blue crush, marie antoinette, dream girls, babel, crash.

my favourite celebrities/actresses: mischa barton, rachel bilson, rachel mcadams, alexis bledel, gemma ward, emma roberts, emma watson, lauren conrad, willa holland, samaire armstrong.

i'm a complete addict for: slashy fics, sethummer fluff, ryan whoring around, marissa.

i'll kill you if you: hate marissa, ship rymmer, prefer t/r to m/r, think sethummer is immature (bc it's not!!).

favourite oc seasons in order:

1. season one.

2. season two.

3. season three.

4. does season four even count as a season?

favourite oc episodes (psst. you need to watch!): the, girlfriend, escape, perfect couple, homecoming, heights, heartbreak, telenovela, proposal, the ties that bind. the new kids on the block, second chance, rainy day women, mallipisode, o.sea. disconnect, undertow, road warrior, graduates. metamorphisis, case of the franks, earth girls are easy, end's not near it's here.

i can't stand ben mckenzie. i swear. the guy is beyond lame. i giggle and laugh and spit and then hurl whenever i think about his "pathetic" excuse of a career.

but i love adam. adamadamadamadamadamadamadam. and adam again. and again and again. i'd do adam. again. and again. then again. because unlike mck he actually can ACT and look hot at the same time ;) bravo adam!

I literally live and breathe Mischa. She's the most beautiful girl on the earth hands down. Seriously. Any haters are just jealous, it's been proven. I can drool over her pictures all day long. And I can smile at Marissa Cooper all night long. Night and day it's MB for me. Hee! She's the best drug. Honestly. Now, thank God she does NOT date Ben anymore. Might hate her for it... I always have shivers running down my spine, stomach, anywhere really whenever I hear Hallejuah or anything Marissa-related. She didn't deserve to die, but yet I'm glad she escaped The OC before the season four shit came on. S4 IS SHIT to the TY - truth be told, the only thing keeping s4 holding up for me was Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson. The rest was kinda blah. Too much cheesiness and bad clothes were in s4. But, without Mischa's glam and popularity that held The OC together (yes she was the glue along with Adam and Rach) it fell apart. May 18th is cursed.

jessrory all the way. she went back to him after the finale.

"i'm a very opinionated person. about everything, really. mostly my fandoms."

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