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Just a young wannabe illustrator, who happens to be Aroace, that really likes watching cartoons, platonic stuff, cake, and seeing people do what makes them happy.

Mostly a commenting account, yet I will gladly help out fic writers and support their works! There could be a chance I could consider writing a fic


-I really do enjoy the 'Alien goes to earth' stories.

-Aaaah! A big plus for found-family tropes

-And platonic stuff -my gosh I eat it up- I love platonic fics.

-Emotions, reactions, angst *mwah* love it.


-Team Fortress 2

-One Piece

Ninjago is the oldest fandom I've ever been in, from the day the show got released to the present day, and it lives rent-free in my heart; characters and all. I don't think the show has ever failed to make me smile, fandom and all.

Team Fortress 2 is a good community that I always like reading fanfictions from also it stuck with me so much that I haven't left it.

One Piece is also a neat fandom, not to be picky but I do enjoy some Usopp content -there's just so little, but I want more.- The friendship in the whole show is amazing and immaculate, and that's why I like it.

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