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Hi Everyone!!

PM me if you have any questions or would like to request a fic!

However, if you'd like for me to write either yuri or yaoi, the answer would be no. I am not familiar enough with reading or writing either to be comfortable with doing so. Gender-bending characters is a maybe, however, though it really depends on the character...

P.S. Here is a quick shout out to my really good friend Detinuu. She loves requests as well, and she's even a really good person to bounce fic ideas off of (at least in my opinion).

Update August 30: Hello! I apologize for the long delays with regards to updating. There will soon be some new chapters coming out (and possibly new story ideas!)

Also, some of my fics are up for adoption. If you'd like to take one on, please PM me beforehand!

(This does not include the fics: Times are Changing, Tomorrow's Ending, Café des Maîtres, as I am planning on updating these in the near future)

Thank you all for reading what I have written!


Thanks for all the reviews and encouragement!

Wish you all well.


Harry Potter Challenge Idea:

Time Travel fic involving MOD!Harry (Marauder's era or Hogwarts era)

Harry takes position of DADA professor.

What happens when the MOD takes on the DADA curse?

Will Harry somehow succumb to the curse? or will there be a continuous loop of Harry dying in increasingly insane ways? or will Harry be able to beat the curse?

Let me know if you're going to take this challenge on! I'd love to read it!

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