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not if ur superstisious

you one and only wish

dont look ahead.

1. someone opp. sex

2.fav color. red, black, blue, green, yellow

3. 1st initial

4.month of birth

. or white?

6. name of someone (same sex)

7. fav number

8.california or florida?

9. lake or ocean?

10. make a realistic wish


1. completly in love with this person

2. red= alert full of love, black= conservative and agressive, blue= spontaneous sensual, green= relaxed laied back, yellow= happy give good advice

3.a-k= lot of love and friendship, l-r= enjor life love soon to blossom, s-z= like to help others and love is good.

4. jan-mar= good year will fall in love with someone unexpected a-june= strong love wont last but memories will.july-sept= good year life changing experinces (good), oct-dec= not good love life but will find soulmate.

= life in different direction. will be hard but you will be happy it happened. white= will have a friend who confides in u.will do anything for u.

6. best friend

7.close friends in a lifetime.

8.cali=u like adventure, flori=laidback

9.lake = loyal to friends/ love. reserved ocean=spontaneous and like to please people

10.will happen if you repost in nex hour. will come true before next birthday.

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