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"Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowng what the hell is going on." Kate from LOST.

This is one of my favorite Lost quotes because it really applies to my life. I may not have a husband or kids or a boyfriend for that matter but I still have a crazy life. Well. Okay. Maybe not that crazy.

I work for Walmart and I really hate it sometimes. It's like being in hell only every two weeks they pay me to be there which I'm pretty sure they don't do in the real Hell. But I ain't about to find out. I've always lurked around reading other people's stories and I have to say I've come across some amazing stories and writers.

I'm a huge Lost and Heroes fanatic. I could talk about these shows for hours and have actually tried to on several occassions. I just can't stop but for the sake of all of you I'll try. ;-D

As a teenager I wrote stories and poems all the time. I usually found inspiration in my dreams. Of course it use to be easier then. The ideas would flow, spin and come together in about an hour os so. But the older I get the more trouble I have at finding my inspiration.

But here I am. It's Sharon by the way. Ready, willing and able to finally do what I've wanted to do for a while. Create stories not only for my enjoyment for the enjoyment of others! I'm so excited!

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