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I found it's been a long time since I updated my profile so here it goes.

I'm in my early 40's and enjoying this site more and more. I'd like to thank all the people that have read my stories and put them on a favorite list. I hope to get a new story added quite soon. Besides T.V. I love to horseback ride, read, and hang out with my friends(trying to convert them to Supernatural). Some of my National Guard company mates also like the show.

Supernatural is number one for my writing although I might consider another catagory if inspiration strikes. Other television shows I like include House, Brimstone, Friday th 13th the series, Burning Zone, 7th Heaven, Dark Angel, Burn Notice, the Listene, Bonesr and a lot of shows from the70's, 80's and 90's when sitcoms and drama's ruled and reality shows were slim. Some reality shows are good, but as a steady diet on T.V. they've gone two far and multiplied too much.

the Supernatural humor and weechesterand the Brotherhood stories are among the best, with family dynamic stories coming up behind them. There are so many wonderful writers for the fandom all desearve a pat or hug for just bringing the stories to life.

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