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I am only a reader, I won't write regularly, BUT I am willing to help out by Beta Reading:

What I do: I will do spell checking, find grammatical errors, point out plot contradictions, advise on ways to make the characters personality more accurate, and tell you possible abilities or potential outcomes. My timezone is Eastern Daylight Time.

Preference: For the most part I'm crossover exclusive, I prefer anime ones the most, if you want to further understand what stories I like just go to the ones that I've labeled Favorite. The Genres I like are mostly Adventure, Action, Romance, Fantasy, Friendship, Humor, Supernatural, Drama, Family, and Science Fiction. For those of you wondering the answer is "Yes, I will read your stories if they have Lemons. I will do this for every bit of content that I like that is Rated K, T, and M. I Only read English.

I am very meticulous and once a story catches my eye I won't be satisfied until I read it till the end. I take my time reading so chapters that have around 20K words will take at most a week. The only other weaknesses I can think of at the moment is that it'll be harder for you to get a hold of me on Tuesday and Thursday, don't ask.Just don't pester me like a 5-year old in the backseat, "Are we there yet? Are you done?" on a loop. This should go without saying but I have a feeling I'll need to point this out.

I am working on two crossovers, both open adaption and adoption, just Private message me first.

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