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I'm a single, thirty something transplanted New Englander female currently living in Texas. It's like a whole nuther country! I work in law enforcement, and when I'm not arresting bad guys, I'm training for canine Search and Rescue or working with my horses. It's the dog and pony show at my house, literally!

I'm a fanfic junkie, and think I use the h/c in fanfic to keep from pulling some h without the c on some of the bad guys i meet on the streets! OK, just kidding.

I love Stargate (any of them), Supernatural and Leverage. My goodness, Dean W. and Eliot S. are SOOO hot! I'm sure that's not legal!

I hate Law and Order - any of them. I mean really, can't they at least TRY to get some of the law enforcement details right? Trust me folks, that's not the way it's done in real life.

I know I'll be writing sporadically, whenever the muse bites and the horses and doggies don't need work.


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