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Hey yall! Welcome to my account

I deleted all my stories from this account cause it's just really hard to publish chapters on this website. BuTtt, I have a Wattpad that you can check out. Its @/intelligentgirl7461

I think I have 3 published stories on that account. the 'meeting Percabeth' one is one and a half years old so my writing has grown a whole lot. I don't really want to edit it cause I went through it and my writing is... horrifying. I don't think I could even attempt to rewrite it. Besides, I'm not that into Percabeth right now.

So I suggest not reading that story on Wattpad.

A story that I am currently writing on that website is 'Reading the Book's (Percy Jackson).' It's, y' know, the past gods and present demigods reading the Percy Jackson series. I got most of the ideas from a story on this site, from @erudite19. huge thank you to her and/or him, for giving me the motivation to write a story like theirs. (UPDATE: The story got deleted and I dont know if I'll be able to continue writing it because grade 9 -_-)

Also, I might even publish that story onto here, if I finish it on Wattpad first. Maybe. just maybe.

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